Barbarossa Conducts Soulful, Electronic Minimalism on ‘Elevator’

2013 marked a substantial change in the timbre of London-based singer-songwriter Barbarossa. Born James Mathé, Barbarossa used his Bloodlines LP to abandon his acoustic folk…
David Zisser / May 2, 2014

See Barbarossa Drive a Grown Man Mad in ‘Turbine’ Video

Last month, Barbarossa unveiled "Turbine," an angular, synth-lined seducer that marked a drastic shift from London singer-songwriter James Mathé's previous work, namely 2008's acoustic-driven Chemical Campfires. Now, the longtime José…
Kyle McGovern / June 18, 2013

Download Barbarossa’s Soulful, Inside-Out ‘Turbine’

Barbarossa, a.k.a. London-based singer-songwriter James Mathé, built a steady wave of goodwill after the release of 2008's acoustic-heavy Chemical Campfires, but for his latest LP, the…
Kyle McGovern / May 14, 2013