ava luna

SPIN Singles Mix: Carly Rae Jepsen Really Likes You, Deerhoof Ask ‘What Have You Done For Me’

Welcome to SPIN's Singles Mix! The SPIN staff has rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. From a bubblegum hitmaker to a Queens-based rapper to…
SPIN Staff / March 4, 2015

Hear Ava Luna’s Luxurious ‘Water Duct,’ See How It Was Made

SPIN really dug Brooklyn sextet Ava Luna's full-length February debut, Ice Level. Its crisp, R&B-inflected soul-punk manages to groove perfectly and excite intellectually, not only…
Devon Maloney / July 16, 2012

Stream Ava Luna’s Magical Post-Punk R&B Mutation ‘Ice Level’

Ava Luna are one of our favorite new bands of the moment, a beaming mix of ice-cool vintage '80s no wave grooves and extra-lush three-part…
Christopher R. Weingarten / February 21, 2012
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