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Arsenio Hall Is No Longer Suing Sinéad O’Connor for Saying He Gave Drugs to Prince

Last May, not long after Prince's death, Sinéad O'Connor took to her official Facebook page to accuse Arsenio Hall of supplying the late singer with drugs and once…
Anna Gaca / February 23, 2017

Arsenio Hall Sues Sinéad O’Connor After She Said He Supplied Drugs to Prince

When Sinéad O’Connor claimed on Facebook that Arsenio Hall supplied Prince with drugs, his rep slammed the accusations as "absolutely false, ridiculous and absurd." TMZ now reports that the…
Brian Josephs / May 5, 2016

Watch Future Knock Out ‘I Won’ and ‘Honest’ on ‘Arsenio’

SPIN cover star Future continued his king-of-all-media charm offensive last night on The Arsenio Hall Show. After performing "Move That Dope" last week on The Tonight…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2014

Watch Danny Brown Perform ‘Dip’ and a Kindergarten Rap on ‘Arsenio Hall’

They want that old Danny Brown back? Man, he's been rapping this way since an age when Arnold Schwarzenegger could've been his undercover-cop teacher. Earlier…
Marc Hogan / March 26, 2014

Watch Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Big Sean Bless ‘Arsenio Hall’ With ‘Sanctified’

Rick Ross' Mastermind may be light on wits, but the Teflon Don's newest album isn't without its bright spots. One such highlight is "Sanctified," a…
Kyle McGovern / March 7, 2014

Watch Prince Debut ‘FUNKNROLL’ on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

Prince put Arsenio Hall Show fans on notice last week by sending a female doppleganger to the program with the sole intention of revealing that…
Dan Reilly / March 5, 2014

Prince Sends Lady-Clone to Decree ‘Arsenio Hall Show’ Takeover

Prince will rule The Arsenio Hall Show next week. His Royal Purpleness is set to take over the recently renewed talk show on Wednesday, March…
Kyle McGovern / February 28, 2014

Watch LL Cool J Make Fun of Kanye West on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

Back in 1989, a 21-year-old LL Cool J became the first hip-hop act to appear on late-night television when he showed up on the original…
Dan Reilly / February 25, 2014

Arctic Monkeys Mark U.S. Conquest With ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ on ‘Letterman’

It only figures Arctic Monkeys would see a little more American commercial success with their latest album, but the results are still bracing to see.
Marc Hogan / January 28, 2014

Watch Biz Markie Bring ‘Just a Friend’ to ‘Arsenio Hall’

Wait, what year is this? Last night, Biz Markie performed his classic 1989 punchline "Just a Friend" on The Arsenio Hall Show (also originally from…
Kyle McGovern / January 24, 2014

Chance the Rapper Brings ‘Chain Smoker,’ Full Band to ‘Arsenio’

Chance the Rapper visited The Arsenio Hall Show on Thursday night. While there was one particular moment dear to our hearts — the estimable host introduced…
Chris Martins / December 20, 2013

Watch Mack Wilds ‘Own It’ With Ease on ‘Arsenio’

Mack Wilds is no stranger to television, having acted on HBO's The Wire, and the latest version of 90210. The 24-year-old SPIN interview subject returned to…
Kyle McGovern / December 11, 2013

We Can Officially Blame Raekwon for No New Wu-Tang Album

RZA has confirmed Raekwon is holding up Wu-Tang Clan's next album. Titled A Better Tomorrow, the project was supposed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of…
Marc Hogan / November 14, 2013

Watch Janelle Monae Rule Late-Night TV With ‘Electric Lady’ on ‘Arsenio Hall’

Janelle Monáe defended her title of "the hardest working woman in show business" on November 4, moonwalking across the stage on The Arsenio Hall Show.
Kyle McGovern / November 5, 2013

Big Sean Spars With Overzealous Censors on Bleep-tastic ‘Arsenio’ Set

After showering Kendrick Lamar with praise on Tuesday, Arsenio Hall welcomed another "Control (HOF)" MC onto his new late-night talk show: Big Sean dropped by…
Kyle McGovern / September 20, 2013
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