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Hear the Shimmering “4xAtlantis take1,” a Previously Unreleased Aphex Twin Demo

Aphex Twin's archives run deep. Before the release of his comeback opus Syro in 2014, the virtuosic electronic musician hadn't released any new music in about a…
Andy Cush / April 28, 2017

New Music: Aphex Twin – “tnodvood104″

Aphex Twin has released a new track via his Soundcloud. Punctuated by offbeat hits of chimes and timpani, and later taken over by an eerie chorus…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 27, 2016

Aphex Twin Released a Mysterious 12-Inch at His First U.S. Performance in Eight Years

After years of silence, Aphex Twin seems to be making up for lost time, releasing new music at a steady clip ever since 2014's comeback opus Syro. Following…
Andy Cush / December 19, 2016

Die Antwoord Are Promoting Their New Video With Blurbs From Aphex Twin and Damien Hirst

Die Antwoord have shared the video for "Fat Faded Fuckface," from their 2016 album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid. It was directed by vocalist Yolandi…
Andy Cush / December 16, 2016

Review: With ‘Cheetah,’ Aphex Twin Isn’t Just Back, He’s Prolific Again

At its essence, the act of record-reviewing becomes sort of a pass-fail proposition: If anyone’s reading, they mostly just want to know if they should…
Dan Weiss / July 8, 2016

Aphex Twin Cranks It Out With ‘Cheetah EP’ Closer ‘2X202-TS5′

Update: There's another new Aphex Twin song. This one's called "CHEETAHT7b" and it's below. Aphex Twin clearly delights in turning up where he's…
Anna Gaca / June 29, 2016

Aphex Twin Just Released His First Music Video in 17 Years

Aphex Twin has just released his first music video in 17 years, for his upcoming Cheetah EP (out July 8) track "CIRKLON3 [ ????????? mix ]."
Brennan Carley / June 21, 2016

Aphex Twin May Have Drunk-Uploaded a New Track, ‘T17 Phase Out’

Aphex Twin is back to his usual tricks, it would seem. Richard D. James has resurrected his "user[insert numerical assortment here]" alias to upload a new,…
Harley Brown / December 29, 2015

Aphex Twin Shares Sedate Rework of ‘Avril 14th’

Aphex Twin's Druqks piano ballad "Avril 14th" was already one of his most placid tracks, but today he's shared an even more pillowy rendition that…
Colin Joyce / November 2, 2015

Mercury Prize Shortlist 2015: Florence + the Machine, Jamie xx, Aphex Twin, More

Update: Benjamin Clementine's At Least For Now has been awarded the 2015 Mercury Prize. Stream the winning album below. The Barclaycard Mercury Prize, which names the best British album…
Colin Joyce / October 16, 2015

Aphex Twin Issues New Track ‘oberheim blacet1b’ Under His Old AFX Moniker

Update: Hear two new Aphex Twin tracks (as AFX), "simple slamming b 2" and "midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm." Aphex Twin makes a truly…
James Grebey / July 31, 2015

Aphex Twin Announces New Album as AFX, ‘Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008′

And God said "Let there be more Aphex Twin songs," and it was so — kind of. Richard D. James (whose masterpiece Selected Ambient Works, Vol.
Harley Brown / July 2, 2015

Aphex Twin Shares Ten New Songs From ‘Secret’ SoundCloud, As He Is Wont to Do

Aphex Twin is a bit of a mystery. Sometime he makes you wait 13 years for a new album (cough cough 2014's Syro cough), but other times…
James Grebey / May 5, 2015

Review: Aphex Twin Takes Us to His Toy Factory on ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2′ EP

Richard David James really has no business being considered a perfectionist, nor should anyone who releases doodles on EPs under a pen name, $562-list box…
Dan Weiss / February 3, 2015

Aphex Twin Releases New Track, ‘Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]’

Earlier this month, Aphex Twin announced that he'd be releasing a new 13-track EP called Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 on January 23. Now the formerly…
Brennan Carley / January 22, 2015
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