Angels and Airwaves

Tom DeLonge to Direct Sci-Fi Movie About Aliens and Skateboarding

Is it really such a surprise that Tom DeLonge is directing a feature-length movie about San Diego skateboarders and extraterrestrials? Let's revisit how we…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 3, 2017

Tom DeLonge Thinks Wikileaks E-mail Dump Will Help Him Prove UFOs Are Real

Musician is no longer the primary title for former Blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge; by the evidence trickling out this year, he might prefer being called…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 21, 2016

Tom DeLonge Releases New Angels & Airwaves EP to Go Along With His Book About Aliens

Extraterrestrial enthusiast Tom DeLonge has shared a new Angels & Airwaves EP as part of his multi-pronged alien conspiracy project. The four-song Chasing Shadows EP coincides with…
James Grebey / April 5, 2016

Tom DeLonge Co-Wrote a Novel to Ease You Into Believing in UFOs

Tom DeLonge, well-known alien believer formerly of Blink-182, has co-authored a new, 704-page book about his favorite subjects: unidentified flying objects and government secrets. The new tome is called Chasing Shadows,…
Anna Gaca / April 2, 2016

My Favorite Things: Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is in a band that named one of its biggest albums Enema of the State, so nobody should be surprised that a website…
William Goodman / October 20, 2011
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