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Best & Worst of All Points West: Day 3

BEST SET OF THE DAYFor all the you-know-how-I-know-you're-gay jokes Coldplay has to endure, give them credit for embracing the joke themselves."Let's practice some singing," Chris…
Ray Padgett / August 3, 2009

Best & Worst of All Points West: Day 2

BEST ADVICE FOR FOLKS GOING TO LOLLAPALOOZAWatch Tool. It doesn't matter what you think about their bombastic hard rock, or their oft-meatheaded fans, or Maynard…
Peter Gaston / August 2, 2009

Best & Worst of All Points West: Day 1

MOST HEAVILY QUESTIONED GENRE: HIP HOPWith the Beastie Boys originally set to headline (before cancelling due to Adam Yauch's cancer-surgery announcement) and Jay-Z stepping in…
Charles Aaron / August 1, 2009

All Points West ’08 Recap: Saturday

Ladies of the World Unite! Playing in her native New Jersey, Nicole Atkins emerged from the shadows as a new kind of American sweetheart, blending…
Samantha Promisloff / August 11, 2008

All Points West ’08 Recap: Friday

The New Pornographers and Grizzly Bear: Eating Indie Rock for Dinner: Grizzly Bear and the New Pornographers, two bands comfortably considered indie rock staples in…
Samantha Promisloff / August 10, 2008
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