Alice Glass

Video: Alice Glass – “I Trusted You”

It's been an intense year for Alice Glass, who's closing out 2018 with a whispery and melancholy new single. "I Trusted You" is the latest in a string of solo…
Anna Gaca / December 21, 2018

Video: Alice Glass – “Mine”

Alice Glass has released a new single, "Mine," which follows last August's self-titled debut solo EP and a handful of one-off songs including "Cease and Desist." "Mine" is a unflinching…
Anna Gaca / June 15, 2018

Alice Glass Awarded $21,000 in Attorney Fees as Ethan Kath Lawsuit Is Thrown Out Again

A California judge has denied a motion by Ethan Kath to reopen his defamation lawsuit against ex-Crystal Castles bandmate Alice Glass, Pitchfork reports. The judge, Samantha…
Andy Cush / May 17, 2018

Alice Glass Discusses Her Part in the #MeToo Movement in Interview With Zola Jesus

In an Interview Magazine piece published today, Zola Jesus interviewed future tour mate Alice Glass and got the former Crystal Castles member to discuss the #MeToo movement, the Ethan…
Monique Melendez / February 26, 2018

Alice Glass Says Ethan Kath’s Defamation Suit Has Been Dismissed

Alice Glass has won a court victory against ex-bandmate Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles, she announced in a tweet. "I won in court today!! the defamation lawsuit against me…
Anna Gaca / February 23, 2018

Alice Glass — “Stillbirth (Zola Jesus Remix)”

Alice Glass and Zola Jesus are co-headlining a number of U.S. tour dates this spring, and to celebrate, Glass has released a Zola Jesus remix…
Monique Melendez / February 23, 2018

Report: Lawyer for Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims Brought by Four New Women

Crystal Castles member Ethan Kath has been accused of multiple accounts of nonconsensual sexual acts and abuse. Last year, former bandmate Alice Glass published a…
Rob Arcand / February 17, 2018

Video: Alice Glass – “CEASE AND DESIST”

Alice Glass has released a new track and accompanying visual for "CEASE AND DESIST," her first new song since last year's self-titled solo EP. After…
Arielle Gordon / January 23, 2018

Video: Alice Glass – “Forgiveness”

Alice Glass has a new video for "Forgiveness," one of the catchier tracks from last summer's self-titled solo EP. Like her earlier video for "Without Love," "Forgiveness"
Anna Gaca / January 11, 2018

Alice Glass Responds to Ethan Kath’s Defamation Suit, Says Multiple Women Have Made Criminal Complaints

Alice Glass has fired back against former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath, filing legal documents indicating she's prepared to testify that Kath raped and abused her during…
Anna Gaca / December 27, 2017

Toronto Police Investigating Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles for Alleged Sex Crimes

Musician Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles is under investigation by the Toronto Police Service for alleged sex crimes, The Daily Beast reports. A source with knowledge of…
Tosten Burks / December 21, 2017

Alice Glass Served Court Summons From Ethan Kath By “Someone Pretending to Be a Fan”

Last month, Alice Glass spoke out about years of physical and sexual abuse by her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath. In response to the…
Rob Arcand / November 19, 2017

Report: Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath Sues Alice Glass for Defamation Over Abuse Allegations

Last week, solo artist and former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass alleged that former bandmate Ethan Kath subjected her to years of physical, emotional, and…
Anna Gaca / November 3, 2017

Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles Calls Ex-Bandmate Alice Glass’ Accusations of Abuse “Pure Fiction”

Earlier today, Alice Glass, ex-frontwoman of Crystal Castles, released a statement explaining that she left the band after experiencing years of sexual, physical, and emotional…
Jordan Sargent / October 24, 2017

Alice Glass Alleges Physical and Sexual Abuse by Crystal Castles Bandmate Ethan Kath

Alice Glass, co-founder and former singer of Crystal Castles, has published a long statement to her website alleging "almost a decade of abuse, manipulation and psychological control"
Andy Cush / October 24, 2017
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