Alexander Spit

Explore Alexander Spit’s Psych-Rap Wonderland Via ‘Mansions 2′ Mixtape

Alexander Spit is a formidable MC whose California pedigree is done justice by his verbal mashup of vintage undie-rap styling and deeply psychedelic content. His…
Chris Martins / May 28, 2013

Hear Alexander Spit and Action Bronson Swagger Across State Lines in ‘Artesia’

San Francisco-to-Los Angeles MC Alexander Spit has been steadily greasing the wheels for the arrival of his candy-dipped purple Cadillac of a January 29 Decon…
Chris Martins / January 25, 2013

Watch Alexander Spit’s Grimy, Chilling ‘That’s Spit’ Video

Last month we introduced you to Los Angeles rapper Alexander Spit, a grainy-voiced upstart whose vibe is equal parts Bay Area pimp shit and Hunter…
Chris Martins / January 4, 2013

Watch Alexander Spit Find Fear and Loathing in NSFW ‘A Breathtaking Trip’

California rapper Alexander Spit maintains the perfect blend between his Bay Area roots and Los Angeles residence. Weeded backpacker ability meets stylishly psychedelic steez and…
Chris Martins / December 11, 2012
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