Abdu Ali

This New Horse Lords Mixtape Looks Great

For my money, the Baltimore quartet Horse Lords released one of the most exciting rock records of the last several years with last year's¬†Interventions,¬†an album…
Andy Cush / March 15, 2017

Watch Noise-Rap MC Abdu Ali’s Frenzied Video For ‘Machete Warz’

Baltimore's Abdu Ali is an abstract, poetic screamer with a penchant for beats that nod to both his hometown's frenetic club music scene and the…
Brandon Soderberg / May 1, 2014

Danny Brown’s Solipsism, Deltron 3030’s Crash Landing, and 9 More Hip-Hop LPs in No Trivia

 ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Danny Brown - Old (Fool's Gold)I've written plenty of words on this one already, but here's some more, since something this knotty and…
Brandon Soderberg / October 22, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Danny Brown Baits Nostalgics on ‘Side A (Old)’

Abdu Ali, "Fuk Wit Dis"Pentecostal poet/rapper/vocalist Abdu Ali begins this song with a Pterodactyl wail, and then proceeds to screech out his lyrics in a…
Brandon Soderberg / September 19, 2013
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