Beyond the Algorithm: Artists Imagine a World Beyond Spotify

Spotify is designed to make itself indispensable. It offers up endless choices. It keeps playing when the track or album you’ve clicked on is over.
Peter Holslin / August 12, 2020

Spotify to Launch COVID-19 Music Relief Project

Spotify announced plans to launch its COVID-19 Music Relief Project that will recommend verified organizations that offer financial relief to those in the music community. The…
SPIN Staff / March 25, 2020

Streaming Now Accounts for 80 Percent of the Music Industry’s Overall Revenue

Most music fans likely understand that streaming is changing music consumption. Gone are the days when CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, and even digital downloads were…
Rob Arcand / September 6, 2019

Eminem Publisher Sues Spotify Claiming Massive Copyright Breach

Eminem's publisher Eight Mile Style has filed a major new lawsuit claiming Spotify has infringed hundreds of song copyrights and challenging the constitutionality of a…

Spotify Says It “Overpaid Most Publishers” Last Year, Taking CRB Discount for Family Plans

As part of the move to adapt the Copyright Royalty Board determination that awarded songwriters a 44% increase over 5 years, Spotify has taken advantage…
Ed Christman, Billboard / June 21, 2019

St. Vincent, Sleater-Kinney, and Pavement’s Publisher: “Fuck Spotify”

Spotify's conflict with songwriters is escalating. For those who missed it, the company (along with Google, Amazon, and Pandora) recently appealed a ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board that…
Tosten Burks / May 23, 2019

Spotify Removes Blood on the Dance Floor’s Catalog Following Rape Allegations

Spotify has removed electro-pop band Blood on the Dance Floor's catalog following a series of reports in which nearly two dozen women accuse frontman Jesus David Torres of…
Tosten Burks / April 23, 2019

City of Nashville Condemns Streaming Services’ Stingy Nonsense

The Nashville Metro Council has passed a resolution demanding that Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Pandora accept a 44 percent increase to songwriters' portion of streaming royalties. The resolution…
Tosten Burks / April 17, 2019

Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Finally Coming to Spotify & Apple Music

Today, Beyoncé released Homecoming, a concert film and live album documenting her iconic 2018 Coachella performance. But that’s not all she’s giving us in the…
Peter Helman, Stereogum / April 17, 2019

Nile Rodgers, Babyface, Dozens More Songwriters Sign Open Letter Criticizing Spotify

Dozens of pop music's most prominent songwriters have published an open letter criticizing Spotify's attempt to undercut increased songwriter payments. The letter, published by Billboard, defends last year's Copyright Royalty Board…
Tosten Burks / April 9, 2019

Apple Music Has More Paid U.S. Subscribers Than Spotify: Report

Apple Music now has more paid U.S. subscribers than Spotify. A new report from Reuters notes that as of February, the California technology giant had 28…
Rob Arcand / April 6, 2019

This Is Not Why Women Rappers Are Less Successful on Streaming Services

There are several odd arguments and assumptions in this Rolling Stone report exploring why men still dominate hip-hop on streaming platforms, even while more women gain ground on urban radio…
Tosten Burks / March 22, 2019

Spotify to Host Songwriter “Town Halls” to Discuss Paying Them Less Money: Report

This month, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Pandora announced plans to appeal the Copyright Royalty Board's historic decision to increase songwriters' cut of streaming revenue. The board's ruling would increase…
Tosten Burks / March 18, 2019

Spotify’s Antitrust Case Against Apple, Explained

Spotify is gearing up for a heated antitrust dispute with Apple and their music streaming service, Apple Music. On Wednesday, the Swedish company filed an antitrust complaint…
Rob Arcand / March 16, 2019

Spotify, Google, and Amazon Challenge Increased Royalty Rate for Songwriters [Updated]

Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Pandora have announced plans to appeal a decision by the Copyright Royalty Board that would drastically increase songwriters' slice of streaming revenue over the next four years.
Tosten Burks / March 7, 2019
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