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EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pollard Talks Pete Rose Film

4,192, an upcoming documentary about baseball's all-time hits leader, Pete Rose, is being scored by indie-rock's all-time non-hits leader. We ask the uber-prolific ex-Guided By…
Steve Kandell / April 29, 2010’s Best of the Week

Is it just us, or is the whole world going crazy? Thriller is headed to Broadway. Reformed drug addict Amy Winehouse is planning to record…
SPIN Staff / February 7, 2009

Exclusive Download: Robert Pollard Visits “Vegas”

America has certainly embraced the idea of "Change" in 2009. Robert Pollard, however, has not -- and we can't thank him enough!
Larry Fitzmaurice / February 5, 2009

New Albums from A.C. Newman, Matt and Kim, and 6 More

Here's a rundown of the essential albums available online and in record stores today:…
SPIN Staff / January 20, 2009

Robert Pollard, ‘Robert Pollard Is Off to Business’ (Guided by Voices Inc.)

If it's Tuesday, it must be time for another Robert Pollard record. The twist with his latest -- the man's third long-player in less than…
Shannon Zimmerman / June 2, 2008

Robert Pollard

What? From Guided by Voices' early lo-fi releases to their glossy, radio-chasing "professional" era, to the raucous frontman's solo demos, Robert Pollard has always had…
William Goodman / May 30, 2008
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