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Jury Begins Deliberations in Quincy Jones-Michael Jackson Estate Royalties Dispute

Talk of "word games" dominated closing arguments in the royalties trial between Quincy Jones and a company owned by Michael Jackson's estate — and a…

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The 35 Greatest Rock and Roll TV Moments Before the ’90s

From the Beatles to Iggy Pop, here are rock and roll's best television moments of all-time.
SPIN Staff / October 12, 2019

New Order: Our 1985 Interview

This article originally appeared in the September 1985 issue of SPIN. Jesus Christ, life is depressing. It's surprising that anyone bothers to carry…
Jessica Berens / July 21, 2019

Here’s Who a Bunch of Musicians Donated to in the 2020 Democratic Primary

Presidential candidates have filed fundraising reports for the first three months of the 2020 campaign! This information has presumably inspired heated debate about each candidate's momentum and viability…

Steve McQueen Announces Soundtrack of America Performance Series Featuring Moses Sumney, serpentwithfeet, More

Steve McQueen's 5-night concert series Soundtrack of America is coming to the upcoming New York City venue The Shed this April, bringing with it "the…
Rob Arcand / January 24, 2019

Quincy Jones, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg to Adapt The Color Purple into Musical Film

First, it was a book. Then a hit movie. Then it became a Broadway musical. And now, the musical version is going to be adapted…

T-Pain Says Quincy Jones Apologized for Accurately Critiquing His “P.Y.T.” Cover

One of the least explosive revelations in Quincy Jones's classic Vulture interview in February was that the producer is not a fan of his 2000 album, Q Soul Bossa Nostra—which…
Tosten Burks / October 24, 2018

Netflix’s Quincy Makes One of Music’s Most Fascinating Figures Just Another Inoffensive Documentary Subject

Two of the best interviews of recent memory were with Quincy Jones, published in GQ and Vulture, respectively, early this year.
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 26, 2018

Netflix Acquires Quincy Jones Documentary Co-Directed by Daughter Rashida Jones

Netflix has acquired a documentary on legendary producer/incredible interview subject Quincy Jones, Deadline reports. The film, simply titled Quincy,was directed by daughter Rashida Jones and…
Maggie Serota / August 1, 2018

Quincy Jones Apologizes for His Incredible Interviews: “I Am an Imperfect Human & I’m Not Afraid to Say It”

Recently, legendary producer, arranger and Renaissance man Quincy Jones gave two indisputably great interviews to GQ and Vulture that went viral, thanks to Jones' off-the-cuff assertions that the…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 22, 2018

Richard Pryor’s Widow Confirms Her Husband Had Sex With Marlon Brando

This morning, Vulture published an instant-classic interview with Quincy Jones, in which the legendary music producer ragged on the Beatles and Michael Jackson, claimed inside knowledge about…
Andy Cush / February 7, 2018

Quincy Jones Says He Used to Date Ivanka Trump

It's hard to pick the most entertaining part of mega-producer Quincy Jones's freewheeling interview with Vulture's David Marchese, but his admission that he used to…
Maggie Serota / February 7, 2018

Quincy Jones on The Beatles: “They Were No-Playing Motherfuckers”

Picking the best part of a Quincy Jones interview is, judging by the last two I've read, impossible. Last month we were gifted with an epic, tour…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 7, 2018

Please Read and Savor This Totally Insane Interview With Quincy Jones

The new GQ super-interview with Quincy Jones is among the most batshit crazy and troublingly wonderful things I have read in some time, and a…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 29, 2018

Quincy Jones Says Michael Jackson’s Estate Owes Him $30 Million in Royalties

Quincy Jones is in court this week, claiming that Michael Jackson's estate owes him $30 million in back royalties. Jones contends that after the death of his most…
Andy Cush / July 12, 2017
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