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Glenn Danzig Suing Over Godawful Misfits Merch

In case you were wondering why the Misfits' logo has ended up plastered indiscriminately across all manner of strange merch, well, it wasn't Glenn Danzig's…
Colin Joyce / May 6, 2014

Glenn Danzig Orders Obnoxious Cell Phone Guy’s Destruction

Glenn Danzig ordered audience members to punch a fellow fan after he was seen capturing video of the metal legend during a concert. The show…
Chris Martins / October 11, 2013

Danzig Will Terrorize Riot Fest Chicago With Misfits-Heavy Set

Danzig have crashed the lineup for Chicago's Riot Fest after being forced to cancel an August 16 gig at theWindy City's  Congress Theater. Organizers for…
Kyle McGovern / August 14, 2013

Dude Who Knocked Out Glenn Danzig Writing a Book About It

Danny Marianino, a.k.a. the dude from North Side Kings who punched out Glenn Danzig, is celebrating the eighth anniversary of punching Glenn Danzig by publishing…
SPIN Staff / July 2, 2012

Madonna’s Diaries, Henry Rollins & Danzig’s Gay Love

Singer/songwriter Juliana Hatfield will write and record a song about your life for $1,000. If you're Evan Dando, the price is double. [Juliana Hatfield]…
SPIN Staff / May 6, 2010

Best of Fun Fun Fun Fest

This weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin was a tale of two days: Saturday's Sun Sun Sun Fest, with its 80-degree temperatures, and Sunday's…
Peter Gaston / November 9, 2009

Danzig, Of Montreal Set for Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest

An event that bills itself as Fun Fun Fun Fest sets the bar pretty high for itself, but this year's line-up indeed promises good times.
Ray Padgett / August 25, 2009
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