Black Mirror

Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Leads to “Choose Your Own Adventure” Trademark Lawsuit

Chooseco, LLC, the childrens' book publisher that owns the trademark to "Choose Your Own Adventure," has filed a lawsuit against Netflix over the immersive film,…

Netflix Confirms Black Mirror Season Five Will Arrive in 2019

Netflix's new Black Mirror film was released on Friday, but the streaming platform doesn't appear to be slowing down with new offerings in the franchise.
Rob Arcand / December 29, 2018

Watch the Trailer for the New Black Mirror Film Bandersnatch

U.K. sci-fi series Black Mirror returns with a new feature film premiering on Netflix tomorrow (December 28), Deadline reports. The movie, titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, follows a…
Israel Daramola / December 27, 2018

Black Mirror Isn’t Done Telling Us How Tech Is Ruining Our Lives

In case you weren't convinced that technology may have adverse effects on people's lives, dystopian anthology series Black Mirror is coming back to drive that…
Maggie Serota / March 5, 2018

Emmys 2017: Donald Glover, Riz Ahmed, Big Little Lies and Black Mirror Win Big

Donald Glover was among the big winners at the Emmys last night. Glover took home awards for both Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 18, 2017

Watch an Ominous, Action-Packed Trailer for Black Mirror Season 4

Dystopian anthology series Black Mirror's ambitious six-part third season premiered this past October, and today, Netflix has premiered a new teaser featuring clips from each of the fourth…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 25, 2017

The Soundtrack for Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” Episode is Getting an Official Release

The best episode of Black Mirror's recent season, "San Junipero," had an unforgettable soundtrack: a combination of melancholic synth-orchestral ambience, and a dynamite playlist consisting largely…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 23, 2016

Westworld, Black Mirror, and The Trouble With Using Radiohead in Your TV Show

Six episodes into its run, HBO’s Westworld—the station’s garishly expensive cyborg-Jurassic-Park drama—has featured several major Radiohead music cues. Previously, we heard a player piano covers of…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 7, 2016

Black Mirror Creator Charlie Brooker Made a Playlist for the “San Junipero” Episode Everyone Is Talking About

Since the new season of Black Mirror hit Netflix two weeks ago,  the "San Junipero" episode has been the talk of fast-tweeting fans and publications alike.
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 31, 2016

Watch: Black Mirror Premieres Season Three Trailer

Black Mirror's third season will make its Netflix debut on October 21. The new set of episodes are the first entries in the acclaimed anthology series since the…
Brian Josephs / October 7, 2016