7 Days of Funk

Watch Snoopzilla and Dam-Funk Celebrate 7 Days of Funk on ‘Conan’

Snoopzilla, a.k.a. Snoop Dogg, and Dâm-Funk recently sat down with SPIN to outline the modest proposal behind their collaborative project, 7 Days of Funk. "What…
Kyle McGovern / December 10, 2013

Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk Take the Ol’ Mothership for a Lazy Spin on ‘7 Days of Funk’

7SPIN Rating: 7 of 10Release Date: December 09, 2013Label: Stones ThrowPlay a drinking game — or, perhaps, a puffing game — where you take a…
Andy Beta / December 9, 2013

Old Doggs, New Tricks: Snoopzilla and Dam-Funk Talk ‘7 Days of Funk’

It's a Friday afternoon in L.A.'s Lincoln Heights neighborhood, and one of the West Coast's O-est G's is holding court at the headquarters of Stones…
Chris Martins / December 6, 2013