Inside James Murphy and 2ManyDJs’ Insane Audiophile Soundsystem

Barcelona's Sónar festival is the last place you'd ever expect to hear Heart's "Magic Man." Sónar, after all, is known as a festival for "advanced…
Philip Sherburne / July 11, 2014

James Murphy and 2manydjs Take Insane Soundsystem on the Road

Back in July, LCD Soundsystem founder James Murphy debuted an actual soundsystem at the Manchester International Festival. He used the rig alongside brothers David and…
Chris Martins / October 31, 2013

James Murphy Isn’t Feeling Your EDM Extravaganzas

Unless you're a highly trained audiophile or an electronics geek, much of this video of James Murphy and Soulwax/2ManyDJs discussing their Despacio soundsystem may sail…
Dan Reilly / August 2, 2013