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BTS’ Love Yourself: Tear Finds the Harmony in Genre-Hopping

Boy group BTS is doing what many said couldn’t be done: they've brought K-pop to the western market, becoming undeniably the biggest K-pop act of the…
Blanca Méndez / May 18, 2018

Gas’s Rausch Is a Rocky Path Forward for an Electronic Legend

The ambient techno Wolfgang Voigt makes as Gas does not traditionally offer much in the way of linear progression. His tracks regularly extend…
Andy Cush / May 18, 2018

Playboi Carti’s Radical Die Lit Expands the Parameters of Soundcloud Rap

A chunk of modern hip-hop, much of it made following the ascents of Chief Keef and Young Thug, is often described as post-verbal,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 17, 2018

Tee Grizzley’s Activated Highlights the Nuances of Street Rap

Benefitting from the implications of inexorable street credibility and its often swift means of building buzz, Detroit’s Tee Grizzley has no qualms about using his backstory—he was…
Jesse Fairfax / May 17, 2018

Beach House Abandons Timidity on the Surprisingly Cacophonic 7

Greatness can take time to develop: years of false starts, quiet experiments, and public failures along with work that gently grasps at the fringes of one's…
Britt Julious / May 16, 2018

Yonatan Gat’s Expansive Universalists Is a Spiritual Journey Without Borders

In the 1940s and beyond, American ethnomusicologist and folklorist Alan Lomax dedicated his life to cataloging unknown singers. His practice became a passion, preserving folk…
Dale Eisinger / May 15, 2018

DJ Koze’s Knock Knock Brings a Full Range of Emotions to the Club

Despite being a DJ, Stefan Kozalla seems disinterested in producing music solely meant for the dancefloor. Yes, his 2015 breakout single "XTC" had all the workings…
Arielle Gordon / May 14, 2018

Rae Sremmurd’s SR3MM Is Charming in Its Imperfection

Rae Sremmurd are at the top of the world. They’re also survivors. They bumrushed the charts back in 2014 with "No…
Jordan Sargent / May 11, 2018

Arctic Monkeys’ Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Is Their Strangest and Most Alluring Album

When Arctic Monkeys announced that no pre-release singles would herald their latest album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, the decision seemed like a head-scratcher, but…
Larry Fitzmaurice / May 11, 2018

Charlie Puth’s Voicenotes Is a Catchy, Nonsensical Ode to L.A. Ennui

Since the release of his charmless debut album Nine Track Mind, Charlie Puth has made more headlines for his romantic flings than his music. The…
Bobby Finger / May 11, 2018

BlocBoy JB Captures His Electric Persona on Simi

When you watch a Blocboy JB video, it’s hard to avert your eyes. He’s a transfixing personality—goofy, hyper-kinetic, charming and jubilant—who commands attention. His crew…
Israel Daramola / May 10, 2018

On Rebound, a Trip to Greece Inspires Some of Eleanor Friedberger’s Best Music to Date

At the end of "Open Season," a highlight from Eleanor Friedberger’s 2016 album New View, her narrator leaves some things---"antique needles,"
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 9, 2018

Iceage’s Beyondless Bridges Their Past With a New Future

During their American live debut in 2011, the Copenhagen now post- but then simply punk band Iceage played a series of proper club gigs in…
Maria Sherman / May 7, 2018

Damien Jurado’s Stripped-Down The Horizon Just Laughed Is an Effortless Delight

If anyone resembles Richard Buckner, an alt-country musician who went full oracle twenty years into his career, it’s Damien Jurado. A taciturn sensitive-lumberjack type with…
Brian Howe / May 4, 2018

Dirty Computer Is a Typical Janelle Monáe Album, Except When It’s Not

Janelle Monáe occupies rarified air. She is an instantly recognizable face—magazine covers, Super Bowl commercials—but has no hit singles; a canonized…
Jordan Sargent / May 3, 2018
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