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Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways Paints a Better Self-Portrait

For six decades, Bob Dylan has proven completely peerless. His lyrics especially have redefined risk-taking and boundary-pushing in popular song. His eyes have always been on…
John Paul Bullock / June 24, 2020

So Strange It’s a TV Show: Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R Turns 20

You can really hear the boredom in Josh Homme’s voice. It often gets played off as demure, sexy, whatever, and sure, for hard rock he’s…
Dan Weiss / June 8, 2020

Run the Jewels’ RTJ4 Is Driving Music for a Cop Car on Fire

Run the Jewels don’t make a reviewer’s job easy because everything that’s great about them is the stuff we’re supposed to ignore to get to…
Dan Weiss / June 5, 2020

On Chromatica, Lady Gaga Struggles Along With Us to Find What Normal Is

Lady Gaga is one of those artists you wish wasn’t such a crowd-pleaser, because her crowd is often wrong. And maybe we’d play it safe…
Dan Weiss / June 3, 2020

Feel the Wrath of the Fuckin’ Devilation: Three 6 Mafia’s Mystic Stylez Turns 25

Mystic Styles of the ancient mutilations Torture chambers filled with corpses in my basement Feel the wrath of the fuckin' devilation Three…
Patrick Lyons / May 22, 2020

A Party That’s Over Before It’s Begun: Sleater-Kinney’s All Hands on the Bad One Turns 20

Believe it or not, there was a time when people were sick of Prince. Sometime after 1991’s "Cream," the record-buying public -- increasingly rap-oriented radio…
Dan Weiss / May 1, 2020

Fiona Apple Breaks Bad With Fetch the Bolt Cutters

Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters is a quarantine LP that was made before we were all in quarantine. In fact, Apple’s been slowly moving…
John Paul Bullock / April 17, 2020

Nine Inch Nails Face the Despair of Today on Ghosts V-VI

Nine Inch Nails has always been ahead of the curve. From their groundbreaking 1989 debut Pretty Hate Machine to their much-hyped score for Damon Lindelof’s…
John Paul Bullock / March 27, 2020

2Pac’s Me Against the World Turns 25: Rap Legend Cemented His Legacy on Introspective Masterpiece

On Valentine’s Day 1995, Tupac Amaru Shakur became Inmate No. 95A1140: 5’11", 145 pounds, pacing his cell, chain-smoking Newports, devouring dozens of magazines and newspapers…
Lucas Foster / March 14, 2020

Pearl Jam Bounce Back With Gigaton

Admit it, you were worried about this one, right? For most of the last decade, Pearl Jam seemed to be slowing down. 2013’s Lightning Bolt…
John Paul Bullock / March 13, 2020

Plus I Freak a Lemon Pie: Ghostface Killah’s Supreme Clientele Turns 20

It doesn’t actually matter that Ghostface Killah isn’t saying "seven doulas" and "rotisserie roasts" on "Nutmeg." Because he is verifiably talking about "seasoned giraffe ribs,"
Dan Weiss / February 10, 2020

Green Day Tinker With Different Styles on Father of All Motherfuckers

When you’re a band like Green Day, with a long, proven track record and a rabid, global fanbase, you can pretty much do whatever the…
Chris Harris / February 7, 2020

Stone Temple Pilots Unplug for Poignant, Atmospheric Perdida

Things have never been easy for Stone Temple Pilots. Throughout the band’s tumultuous career, STP has somehow managed to persevere, overcoming the hurdles of addiction…
Chris Harris / February 6, 2020

They Might Be Giants’ Whimsy Feels Boundless on Flood

This review was originally published in the February 1990 issue of SPIN. We're republishing it here in celebration of Flood's 30th anniversary in January 2020.
Ira Robbins / January 14, 2020

Leonard Cohen’s ‘Thanks for the Dance’ Finds New Life After Death

You Want It Darker, Leonard Cohen’s final album, released in 2016, was a kind of preemptive memorial service. Like Bowie’s nearly contemporaneous Blackstar,…
Will Gottsegen / November 25, 2019
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