The 13 Shortest Marriages in Music History

Actress Pamela Anderson and husband Kid Rock(L) during the Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cincinnati Reds Monday, August 28,2006 in Los Angeles,California. © Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2006
The Shortest Marriages in Music
Celebrity marriages are often famous for being short, and those in the music world are no different. Some of the biggest stars collided for a very short time, producing plenty of sparks — both good and bad as a result. Some unions were vicious while others may have been downright illegal. Whatever the case may be, these were the shortest marriages in music history.
Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

Kid Rock (who you probably didn't know was actually named Robert Ritchie) and Pamela Anderson stayed married for just 122 days.


Even though it was significantly shorter than Anderson’s marriage to Tommy Lee, it was far from dull. A lot happened between their summer 2006 yacht wedding and their split a few months later, with both sides having wildly different versions of the events.


Kid Rock claimed Anderson was obsessive, manipulative, and a liar, and that she was cruel to his sister and mother while also trying to keep his son from being around her children. Plus she reportedly faked a miscarriage just to get him to visit her while she was filming.

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

But Anderson said that the fakery was payback for refusing to visit her on set because he wanted to watch a basketball game.


Sacha Baron Cohen, her co-star in the film Borat (2006), said Kid Rock divorced her after seeing her role in the film — not realizing the film was intended as a joke because Anderson didn’t fill him in on it


According to Baron Cohen, Ritche believed Anderson offered no resistance to her charming seducer and willingly went along with his plans — or maybe he was just embarrassed by the attention she got.


Either way, they filed for divorce shortly after the film released.

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

In August 2002, Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot — but only for a few months.


The circumstances around both marriage and divorce weren’t too clear with this one either, with both parties citing “irreconcilable differences.”


Presley herself claimed they never should have been married in the first place while in the heat of the divorce, but later said the two were drawn to each other because they both shared the same strong and wild nature.


Cage agreed during an interview with ABC and said that was ultimately their undoing. However, Presley also said Cage was likely jealous because no matter what he achieved in film, he could never be as famous as a Presley.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson

But of course, that wasn’t Lisa Marie Presley’s first marriage (or her second). Prior to Cage, Presley was married to Michael Jackson for roughly a year.


Presley said it was both one of the happiest times of her life and among the most confusing, because as much as she loved Jackson and loved taking care of him, it was impossible to get close. He pushed her away when he felt vulnerable and seemed to never want to go beneath the surface. 


More than that, she never knew how much he staged their relationship for his own benefit. He was fanatically devoted to Elvis Presley and needed a good marriage to offset rumors of child molestation.


Eventually, Jackson’s drug use (which Presley has said she did and did not know about) and hangers-on forced her to make the decision to leave him.

Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger
Country singer Kenny Chesney and actress Renee Zellweger stayed together for a bit longer (225 days), though the circumstances around their divorce — and marriage, for that matter — are just as murky. Zellweger cited fraud as the divorce’s foundation (fraudulent objectives for the marriage, to be specific), leading eager fans of both parties to immediately assume she must have meant Chesney was gay. But Zellweger later said that wasn’t what she meant at all and admonished fans for criticizing Chesney over the possibility.
Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger

Before all of that happened, the two met in January 2005 during NBC’s Concert of Hope. That was where Zellweger wrote a note she wanted to give Chesney during the event, he found out about it through their publicists, and they seemed to hit it off.


In April, Zellweger made their relationship public by kissing Chesney on stage during one of his concerts. They married the next month and kept their relationship private after that (until the divorce), leading to the rampant speculation.

Cher and Gregg Allman
Cher and Gregg Allman stayed married for an impressively short 9 days (sort of) MEANING THEY WERE ONLY MARRIED 9 DAYS UNTIL THEY FIRST SPLIT OR WHAT? in 1975 after getting hitched in whirlwind Vegas fashion just a few days after Cher finalized her divorce from Sonny. Allman recalled plenty of chemistry floating around in that whirlwind in his memoir My Cross To Bear, where he recounted their second date was an awkward bout of dancing at a disco that ended with a night of passion in Cher’s rose garden. By comparison, the first date wasn’t quite so passionate since Allman passed out after injecting himself with heroin.
Cher and Gregg Allman

That first date was a harbinger of things to come, as the drug use and Allman’s heavy drinking only became more of an issue.


Cher couldn’t handle what Allman had turned himself into and decided to end the marriage but it didn’t quite work out the way she planned. Allman promised to try to go clean, and things seemed to work for a short while.


But when Cher teamed up with Sonny again for another round of “The Sonny and Cher Show” in 1976, Allman went to file for divorce before finding out that Cher was carrying his child, Elijah Blue.


They tried making things work for another year, but Allman said it was impossible. The shadow of his decline into drinking and drugs loomed too large over their relationship.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand managed to last 14 months together, which (depending on whose story you believe) isn't bad for a relationship that was doomed from the start.


The two met in 2008 during the VMAs, made out while filming a music video, and then met again at the next year’s show before announcing that they were officially an item in October 2009.


Their 2010 wedding was a private Hindu ceremony, and Perry said she was a different person when she married him — one who was happy to look for fun instead of something solid.


She was caught up in “a tornado,” as she described it, while riding high on her newfound fame as a singe. She was also clearly caught up in Brand’s charm and intelligence, but not for long.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

In 2011, Brand responded to multiple rumors about their impending divorce by saying he was truly in love with Perry, even though their busy schedules made seeing each other difficult.


He later sent her a text message saying he planned on divorcing her at the end of the year, explaining on The Howard Stern Show that the challenges of their schedules were just too much


Perry said the text message was the last time she heard from him, and it broke her “idealistic mind.” She also said Brand simply couldn’t handle someone who was his equal in fame and character, which was really why he wanted out.

Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine

Broadway superstar Ethel Merman might not occupy the same space in music history as the likes of Lisa Marie Presley and Kid Rock, but her marriage to actor Ernest Borgnine was one of the shortest at just 38 days.


Neither Merman nor Borgnine was a stranger to marriage, with it being Borgnine’s third (following a volatile union with actress Katie Jurado) and Merman’s fourth (after she split from the president of Continental Airlines). To make matters worse, Merman’s supporting actors and actresses reportedly called her Hitler for her authoritarian manner, while Borgnine was dogged by physical abuse allegations and a self-admitted love for the limelight.

Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine

Which of those issues ended their marriage shortly after the honeymoon is up for grabs.


One account says Merman was seen leaving their home with a bruised face and confided in Lucille Ball her concerns over Borgnine’s explosive anger issues. Borgnine's claim was that Merman became furious on their honeymoon cruise because fans paid him more attention than they did her, but Merman’s longtime friend Tony Cointreau told the New York Post he knows different.


Cointreau said the fame story was something Borgnine concocted following his split from Merman while the full truth would just make both parties look bad. He did say Borgnine had money issues, used his name to win favors, and only loved Merman for her money.

R. Kelly and Aaliyah

On the other end of the spectrum is the strange case of R. Kelly and Aaliyah’s marriage which the two never even acknowledged took place (for good reason).


Barry Hankerson was both Aaliyah's uncle and Kelly’s manager, and Kelly stepped in as producer and creative director for Aaliyah’s first album in 1993. Kelly described their relationship as “best best best best friends” as they continued working together for the next couple of years, but a 1995 Vibe story offered a different definition of their relationship.

R. Kelly and Aaliyah