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How Big Is Billie Eilish’s $25 Million Documentary Deal?

The multi-billion-dollar arms race between video streaming services has treated People Who Like Music well this year. Netflix gave us Beyoncé's Coachella epic and Martin Scorsese's…
Tosten Burks / December 5, 2019

Trump Kicked His Father-in-Law off His Golf Course for the Dumbest Reason

Former undocumented workers employed at President Donald Trump's golf resorts spoke to the Washington Post about their tenure working for a celebrity mogul who would ascend to the…
Maggie Serota / December 5, 2019

David Crosby Does Not Want to Read Roger McGuinn’s Tweets

Have you been wondering how our uncle David Crosby, the only person worth following on Twitter, currently feels about his former Byrds bandmate Roger McGuinn? Here you go.
Tosten Burks / December 4, 2019

Please Watch Bill Callahan Covering Silver Jews While a Child Clings to His Leg

In addition to being one of our greatest living songwriters, Bill Callahan is pretty good on Twitter. He joined late last year, and tweets only infrequently,…
Andy Cush / December 4, 2019

Kid Rock Closing Detroit Restaurant After Anti-Oprah Rant Sparks Protest

Kid Rock appears to be facing real-life consequences for his latest crude comments toward women. The Michigan-born rock star announced Wednesday that he…
Tosten Burks / December 4, 2019

Trump Leaves NATO Summit Early After Hot Mic Catches World Leaders Roasting Him

President Donald Trump apparently caught a case of hurt feelings after a hot mic video emerged of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apparently gossiping about him…
Maggie Serota / December 4, 2019

Who Cares About Billie Eilish and Van Halen?

Yesterday, the internet—or at least the corner of it I tend to hang out in—briefly lost its mind over a 17-year-old pop star’s comments about…
Andy Cush / December 3, 2019

Jack White and Jack Black, Together

Jack White and Jack Black are each Top 20 Jacks, probably. So the news this summer that White and Black recorded a song together at…
Tosten Burks / December 3, 2019

Fox News Reminds Donald Trump He Knows Prince Andrew

As Prince Andrew finally faces consequences for his years-long association with late pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, President Donald Trump actively distanced himself from Duke of York when…
Maggie Serota / December 3, 2019

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Release “Life On Mars?” Ambient Cover for Watchmen

Listen, I'm as sick of "haunting covers" as the next guy. But sometimes they're good, and on this past Sunday's episode of Watchmen, Trent Reznor and Atticus…
Will Gottsegen / December 3, 2019

Stone Temple Pilots Go Acoustic on “Fare Thee Well” From New Album Perdida

Stone Temple Pilots have announced a new album titled Perdida and released the first single, "Fare Thee Well." The project showcases an acoustic turn for…
Tosten Burks / December 2, 2019

Pearl Jam’s Christmas Songs Are Coming to Streaming

Pearl Jam are bringing a collection of their holiday-themed singles to streaming services for the first time. The series kicks off today with the band's 2004 cover of…
Tosten Burks / December 2, 2019

Once Again, Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Is Creepy as Hell

First Lady Melania Trump has transitioned the Trump White House Christmas aesthetic from last year's daunting Yuletide Black Lodge theme  to something like a repeat of…
Maggie Serota / December 2, 2019

Unruly Fans Cause Slipknot Mexico Fest Cancellation, Respond by Destroying Evanescence’s Equipment

Slipknot were forced to cancel their performance at their own Knotfest Mexico festival on Saturday night due to a broken barricade. Prior to their set,…
James Rettig, Stereogum / December 1, 2019

Coldplay Cover House Classic “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” on BBC Radio 1

Coldplay released their eight studio album Everyday Life late last month, and after recent discussion about how they won't be touring behind the album for…
Rob Arcand / December 1, 2019
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