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Our Favorite Music From Video Games

You’ll want to turn the volume up for these video games

Everyone that loves music is aware of its presence everywhere, but there’s maybe nowhere that it makes such a difference as in a video game. A lousy soundtrack can really spoil the playing experience, whilst a great soundtrack can transport you right into the world of the game. These video games all have brilliant soundtracks that really transport the player. Some of them are sweet and simple, some are deeply complex, but all of them work perfectly with their own video games.


The Skyrim series has always been well-known for its iconic soundtracks, but things have been kicked up a notch with the release of the fifth game. Todd Howard is the mastermind behind the soundtrack and decided to really amp up the Viking feel with this version. He used a chorus of thirty people and some clever superimposing effects to make them sound like a hoard of one hundred strong Vikings. Where much of Skyrim’s music has been melodic and almost eerie at times, this release was much rougher. Howard wanted to capture the barbarian feel of this time period and the storyline of this particular game. He used the Dragon Language that was invented for the game and has lyrics created for the theme tune. These lyrics not only rhyme in the dragon language but also in English so that whichever way you read or sing them, they flow perfectly. This kind of attention to detail is one of the things that really helps the Skyrim soundtrack stand out above others.

Big Bass Splash

This game transports you right to your favorite fishing spot

Next on the list is a game with a much simpler soundtrack that still manages to pack a big punch. Big Bass Splash is our first choice when it comes to quick-play games with a catchy theme tune. It’s available to play on specialized sites such as PokerStars Casino meaning there’s no setup required, making it perfect for when you only have a few minutes of playtime. The honky tonk vibes are strong with this one, with a finger-picked guitar that perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to be fishing in a backwater somewhere in middle America. As with all slot games, the sound effects are essential for playing enjoyment. The splashing of water when a fish lands on the reels and the jangle of coins when you make a win are simple touches that make all the difference.


Spiritfarer is a beautiful video game that asks you to care for people in the last moments of their life and help them make their way to the afterlife safely. It captures the most heart-aching moments of grief and the most staggeringly beautiful moments of life as well. It made sense that this video game would need an incredible soundtrack to match the intense themes of the game itself and of course, there was nobody better suited to the job than Max LL. With forty unique songs, each suited to certain moments and characters in the game, this soundtrack was so well received that it’s now available to buy on vinyl, so you never have to stop marveling at it.

Red Dead Redemption

Finally, Rockstar Games can always be relied on for a kick-ass soundtrack and both Red Dead Redemption I and II are no exception. These songs had a huge crew that went into just the research element of the soundtrack. The team trawled through endless archives of 18th and 19th-century American songs. From folk songs to harmonica melodies, and hymns to finger-picked guitars, the archive that they built of all of this music was massive. Using this, they adapted the source material to create something that felt totally of the time, but was in fact, brand new. Galloping across vast open plains with the sound of a tin whistle in your ears, or trotting through a stream with a haunting folk song whispering in the breeze is so wonderfully atmospheric that we just can’t get enough of it.