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Interval Act For Eurovision 2021 Revealed

With the Eurovision Song Contest now right around the corner, Dutch international broadcaster AVROTROS has revealed the theme for the Semi-final 1 interval act. The contest, set to run from May 18-22, will be hosted at the Rotterdam Ahoy convention center in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Broadcasters NPO, NOS, and AVROTROS are said to be working round the clock to ensure that the show lives up to the hype – they are all looking to leave a big impression. The Interval act for the First Semi-final on Day 1 is appropriately named “The Power of Water” and Dutch water is set to be at the forefront as the presenters are looking to share its story with the audience.

Dutch singer and YouTuber Davina Michelle and actress Thekla Reuten will combine their talents for a special “water-inspired act” as part of the interval. Davina will sing while Thekla will perform a role that symbolizes the power of water.

Davina, 25, had a song reach the No.1 spot in the Dutch Top 40, the Mega Top 50, as well as the Dutch Single Top 100. She started up her own YouTube channel back in 2017, posting covers of English songs every week, one of which garnered a glowing review from original singer, Pink.

Holland has a special relationship with water and will seek to put that on show next month. Gerben Bakker, the head of the show, hopes the act will go some way into explaining the bond the Dutch have with water as it is quite unique.

“For centuries we Dutch have had a relationship with water that is unique in the world,” Bakker explained. “We fought against it, but we can’t live without it. In the act we tell the story of the power of the water and the resilience that we all have.”

The music for the upcoming act has been composed by Davina and her writing team; recordings have been produced at the Delta Works within the last few months, with Davina also involved. The show will also see augmented reality come into play as a world of water will be put on display at the aforementioned venue.

The singer is pretty excited to be part of the show. She is also very clear on the importance of water, especially where the Dutch are concerned, and claims to have put together a unique act to commemorate the relationship.

“Almost two years ago I was approached by the Eurovision team with the concept in which the story of water is central,” the singer said. “Water connects, it’s resilient and it’s an inseparable part of the Netherlands. Together with the Eurovision team we have worked on a unique act in which these characteristics are central.

“I wrote the song “Sweet Water” where water is used as a metaphor for something that connects the people in the world. We are all different and live in different environments, but we all need water and it brings us all together. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on together for so long.”

Bakker has hailed Davina as one of the biggest talents in the Netherlands at the moment, noting the singer was quite enthusiastic when she was approached. Thekla, also rated as one of the biggest actors in the country, was handed a unique role -both women have put a lot of time into rehearsals. 

“Davina Michelle is one of the greatest talents at the moment,” Bakker added. “When we shared our plan with her, she was very enthusiastic. Thekla Reuten has been given a unique role and symbolizes the power of the water. She is also one of the top in the Netherlands. There has been plenty of rehearsals in recent months and it promises to be special.”

Eurovision 2021 promises to be a very entertaining affair, not least due to the interval act, which fans are undoubtedly looking forward to. Given the performances coupled with augmented reality, curiosity over the event is likely at a high on the back of the announcement. In Davina Michelle and Thekla Reuten, the organizers probably couldn’t have picked a better duo to portray Dutch symbolism on such a front.

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