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How to Enhance the Quality of Your Earbuds


If you are a music lover, you probably find yourself listening to as much music as you can. Earbuds are an excellent selection for listening on the go: compared to headphones, they are usually much less expensive, lighter, less bulky, and, overall, unmatched in terms of portability. Unfortunately, earbuds can often range in producing quality sound. They can be inconsistent in delivering bass tones, fail to filter out all external noise, be uncomfortable, and fail to deliver optimal sound.

There are some things you can do to improve your listening experience, even if you are using bulk/disposable earbuds from a recent airline flight. Take a look at some of our best tips for enhancing the quality of your earbuds.

Clean Your Earbuds

All you may need is a simple cleaning of your earbuds. The consequences of having portable earbuds that you use frequently and carry everywhere are that they are exposed to dust, ear wax, skin cells, oils, pollution, and dirt. Over time, any number of things could accumulate on your earbuds, which can be gross and affect the audio quality. To address this solution, regularly clean your earbuds. You can do this with a disinfectant wipe, damp cloth, or toothbrush.

Search for Better Quality Streaming

Many music streaming apps limit audio quality to save on data bandwidth. Provided you don’t have data limitations, you can enhance the audio quality of your sound, visit the app settings, and adjust the quality to maximum.

Additionally, test out different music apps. Some users may find that different music apps offer different listening experiences in terms of sound, quality, or settings. Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music are the most lauded music apps in high-quality streaming, premium listening, and music selection. After choosing your music app of choice, visit the basic configurations and play around with settings to optimize your listening experience.

Experiment with Different Sound Apps

There are numerous volume-boosting apps across various platforms to take your earbud’s volume output to the next level. Volume boosting apps can override the maximum volume of your device and potentially increase the sound by 200 percent. As a safety note, experiment with the settings gradually to prevent damage to your eardrums. For Windows users, such apps can include Equalizer Pro and DFX Sound Enhancer. iOS users may look at Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster, and PlayerExtreme Media Player. For Android users, we recommend VLC Media Player, Volume Booster Pro, and MX Player.

Adjust the Settings in Your Equalizer App and Phone Settings

Most smartphones have an in-built equalizer app, which you can tune and retune to make your earphones sound better. From the equalizer settings, listeners can adjust for balance, treble, bass, vocals, frequencies, and overall sound to improve the sound signature. In addition, you can calibrate these sounds to determine the best balance and mixture of sound.

If your smartphone does not have a built-in equalizer, there are a variety of apps that you can use, such as Neutralizer, SoundID, XEQ, and PowerAmp Equalizer.

Many phones have built-in audio enhancement options, like Dolby Atmos, that allow you to adjust the technical performance of your device. Visit your phone settings, typically under the “sounds” or “vibrations” toggles, to adjust for the best audio output.

Ensure You are Using Your Earphones Properly

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the sound quality may be based on whether you are wearing your earbuds properly. Ensure the seal between your ear and earbud is solid and not too loose or otherwise ill-fitting. When there is a poor seal, the sound will escape and be diverted elsewhere. An improper seal can also let in external sound, distorting your listening experience.

Something as simple as double-checking that you are using your right earbud in your right ear can make all the difference.

You may also consider changing the ear tips. Often, earbuds are sold with standard, one-size-fits-all ear tips, but you can buy foam tips that vary in size and material—standard options are silicone, foam, or a hybrid—to best fit your needs. Choosing differently designed ear tips or replacing them as needed can make all the difference toward a better custom fit for your ears.

Additionally, check your phone for water damage and wire damage. If the earbuds are too impaired, the only option may be to replace them with an upgraded model. When not in use, proper care and proper storage will enhance your earbuds’ longevity.

Furthermore, accessories can help those earbuds fit better. Earbuds specifically designed for running or sports can help prevent them from following out of your ears doing those activities, while ear hooks and ear wings can also help stabilize them. 

Final Thought

The right earbuds can quite literally bring music to your ears. Experiment with different brands of earbuds, music streaming services, and sound and performance settings to ensure you are receiving the most from your earbuds of choice.