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How to Choose Music for a Candlelight Romantic Date

It’s hard to underestimate the role of music in everyone’s life. Music can evoke memories, bring joy, and make you feel sad. Psychological research has proven that the impact of a particular melody is associated with its rhythm and its relation with the inner rhythm of the person.

But not every music is suitable for a candlelight romantic dinner, senior dating evening, or foreplay. To guess the mood of the partner, to push him/her a little closer, first of all, take the trouble to find out what kind of music he or she prefers.

Why Does Music Impact Us So Much?

Psychologists attribute the stimulating effect to the works of classics such as Beethoven, Wagner, Stravinsky, and many others. As for modern music, many artists build their creativity on sexuality, not only in appearance but also in music.

There is no universal musical accompaniment — your partner may not like, for example, jazz while many people are fond of it. Remember, music will not do everything for you. It will only emphasize the atmosphere and how the situation will develop depends only on you.

What to Choose?

  • So, if you are planning a home-made candlelit dinner, choose pleasant, slow music. It should not irritate or distract. If it is with vocals, then the performer’s voice should calm down, set for a positive mood. However, lullabies are not suitable — the music should have awakening accents — it can be the saxophone or guitar parts.
  • If you are planning something unusual, such as an oriental-style dinner with incense and an atmosphere of ancient secrets, choose a disc with appropriate mysterious but calm ethnic music (stylization of shamanic dances is unlikely to work).
  • As for music for a more active pastime, then the situation is more complicated. The mechanism of influence looks like this: the rhythm of music acts on a person in such a way that they want to move, particular vibrations arise in them, an inner dance.
  • When choosing music for sex, you should take into account the partner’s temperament, character, and preferences. This kind of music should not distract you, but it should turn you on. It doesn’t need to be your partner’s favorite band — instead of mutual pleasure, you can get an excursion into the oeuvre of the team, and in this case, the effect will be completely different.

There are ready-made romantic playlists on almost any platform. Words cannot explain it, but some songs set you up in a sexy mood even when you do not know the language in which the song is performed. All over the world, the Weeknd is the absolute leader — it is to these songs that lovers prefer to abandon themselves to passion. The timbre of the voice, melody, beat, smooth breaks — musicians are perfectly able to convey sensuality and desire through songs.

If you are completely confused or cannot find a compromise with your partner, choose silence. The sounds you make yourself can be the best accompaniment.