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How Does Music Impact the Experience of Playing Online Slots?

A growing number of fully licensed, industry-award-winning online casino software providers and game development studios that specialize in crafting online slot machines have realized the importance of adding music to their games.

Here is a closer look at how music can affect the experience someone receives when playing online slots, with a few examples of today’s best slots that feature famous songs from some of the world’s most iconic artists. 

How can music in slots impact a player’s experience?

Play online slots games at William Hill online casino today, and remember to pay more attention to the background audio when you’re next spinning the reels. The music or sound effects you can hear in an online slot machine could even have an effect on your actions and behavior. 

For example, if it’s an exciting song from one of your favorite bands, you are more likely to return to that slot at some point again in the future because you played a good game. If it hadn’t been for the music, you might not have had such a memorable game.  

Alternatively, if it’s music you don’t like or annoying sound effects that keep putting you off playing, you will probably not play the slot again and instead look for another game with more favorable music and sound effects. In other words, music can set the mood and determine how long you will play certain games. 

Examples of online slot machines with popular music

Here are a few examples of online slot machines that feature famous tunes from the music industry’s most influential artists. 

  • Village People: Macho Movies  is a slot game developed by Fortune Factory Studios and Microgaming. When playing this slot, you can listen to hit tracks, such as Go West, YMCA, In the Navy, Macho Man, and Go West
  • The online slot Motörhead developed by NetEnt. The top tracks you can listen to when playing this game are Ace of Spades, Overkill, Iron Fist, and Killed by Death
  • Spinal Tap online slot from Blueprint Gaming. In this game, you can listen to music from one of the most famous bands in America
  • Ozzy Osbourne online slot from NetEnt. This popular slot plays music from the Prince of Darkness himself as you spin the reels
  • ZZ Top: Roadside Riches online slot from Play’n GO. In this game, you get to listen to famous tracks from ZZ Top
  • Guns N’ Roses online slot from NetEnt. This slot features tracks such as November Rain, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Chinese Democracy, and November Rain

Honorable mentions

Other honorable mentions where you can listen to hit tracks from famous bands include the Jimi Hendrix online slot from NetEnt, and the Michael Jackson: King of Pop slot online game developed by Bally technologies, and The Phantom of the Opera online slot from Microgaming. 

Play’n GO is another provider that has developed several rock band-inspired online slots with famous songs, such as Def Leppard: Hysteria, HammerFall, Helloween, Sabaton, Demon, Testament, Annihilator, and Black Mamba. They also crafted various other hit titles, such as Twisted Sister, Lordi: Reel Monsters, Dio: Killing the Dragon, and House of Doom (1 and 2), to name just a few. 

What other casino games use music that can positively affect a player’s experience?

Some of the best online roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat games online today tend to feature actual sounds from a real casino, which dramatically adds to the experience. 

For example, Playtech’s Premium European Roulette game at William Hill has realistic sound effects of the ball being released around the roulette wheel and then a female voice calling out the results. Without these sounds, the game would be quite dull. 

In another popular table game from Playtech called Casino Hold ’em, the true-to-life sounds of the cards being dealt and the smooth accompanying audio playing gently in the background make the game worth playing. Remember to listen out for the sounds and music the next time you play your favorite online casino games because it might just change your perspective a little.