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God of Rock: could it be the new Guitar Hero?

The curious character God of Rock from Modus Games is all set to combine a fight with a rhythm action in the best possible way. To a certain degree, all fighting games have some tempo. A magnetic dance with the opponent, along with twirls and swirls, depicts a musical element. Here’s God of Rock breaking the ice and setting state-of-the-art barometers with an incredible mashup of a fight and rhythm game at once.

The newly drifting hybrid game comes at the Future Games Show portion of Gamescon 2022 with harmonic attacks to its combat. The universe’s greatest musicians have already hit notes with hocus-pocus YouTube videos setting its footprint in a release window of Winter 2022. Imbued with new powers and characters, players will battle on a global level for musical primacy. It’s as fiery as a gambling game, just like a free bets casino where you can play and win or lose.

The long and short:

  • Once human, the late legend God of Rock climbed a soaring chart of rocking and playing in a small pub on Mount Olympus. Sporadically, he unravelled his guitar battle skills. He has gloried with the invention of – Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.
  • The God of Rock appears to be a muscular man with faired skin, white hair and a long beard. A distinctive personality.
  • In the Guitar Hero III gaming series, God of Rock’s signature guitar is a white Gibson SG
  • God of Rock has retained its OG look right from the debut.

What’s brewing?

  • In 1v1 multiplayer matches, get ready to battle the ‘hard to stay’ game. The conjuring music will make it a bit gruelling.
  • Every battle star will have its harmonic attacks, idiosyncratic playlist and distinctive mechanics.
  • 12 wildly outstanding characters and 40 tracks to master from alongside a ‘limitless skill ceiling’ – hinting at the track scaling in difficulty until a winner is voiced while the other keels over and succumbs.
  • Players will have all the avenues to a track editor, giving them the liberty to change the difficulty of songs.
  • Look forward to a branching story mode and coming to grips with every character.
  • A training mode, indeed. Prompt your spin on the tracks, add and remove notes, outdo the run-of-the-mill and execute some special moves to the beat.
  • God of Rock will let you broaden your horizon and create your own cover.
  • Super attacks and special moves rule the warfare, making it strenuous for the defender. Finishing off the game with high energy.

The most-awaited and iconic entertainment is aiming to drop on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The official release date is not out yet, but you can gladly wishlist God of Rock on Steam.

Are you excited to ‘battle to the beat’?  Let us know.