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Game Music Composers Can Now Win a Grammy

The Grammy Awards have been brought to the music industry by the Recording Academy every year since 1958. The Grammy Awards is the pinnacle of the music industry calendar. On the big night of the Grammy, the music community gets awarded for the exceptional work or song they created in the year. This includes musicians, producers, songwriters, and engineers.

Peers in different music genres select the winners of this amazing accolade in various categories. The Grammy in a category can be won by independent artists as well. The awards are awarded in tons of different categories. Winning a Grammy Award can mean a lot to a young up-and-coming entertainer.

The good news for the gaming industry is that in 2023 there will be a new category awarded in the Grammy Awards. This is for the Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media. This would mean that online casino game music composers can now win a grammy.

Music Categories

All of your favorite music categories are covered by the Grammy Awards. Some popular awards are pop-rock, dance/electronic, R&B, Alternative, Country, Contemporary instrumental, rap, new age, jazz, gospel, Latin American, reggae, children’s, comedy, classical, composing, and music theatre.

The four big awards that all the musicians aim to be awarded are Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Record of the year.

An exceptional artist can also be awarded the Hall of Fame award on the night of the Grammys. This is awarded to an artist who greatly impacted the music industry. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and Dolly Parton are a few well-known artists who were awarded the Hall of Fame accolade.

New Music Categories for 2023

The Recording Academy has decided to have a few additional awards in the 2023 Grammy year. The five most important ones are:

  • Songwriter of the Year: Non-Classical.
  • Best Alternative Music Performance.
  • Best Composed Soundtrack for Video Games and other Interactive Media.
  • Best Americana Music Performance
  • Best Spoken Word Poetry Album

How Does it Work?

Any music artist can enter a song/ music score to be considered for a grammy. There are a few steps that the process follows:

  • Recording Academy members and registered media companies can send a recording for Grammy consideration by using the online entry process within the specified timeline.
  • The Awards Department reviews all of the entries to confirm each entry’s eligibility.
  • A host of peer musical experts put the entries into the correct category.
  • Peer musical creatives select the nominees and winners.
  • The night of the Grammys: This is the biggest night in the music industry year, where all the winners in the different categories are announced.

Final Thoughts

It is great that the Recording Academy has decided to add these extra categories for Grammy consideration. There are some fields, like the online gaming creative field, which were not given credit by the Grammy Awards they deserved for some of the best soundtracks on the online games.