SPIN Sets Presents: Carl Craig

Carl Craig is nothing short of legendary, and there's no question he's earned that title fair and square. Being in the scene for over 30…
SPIN Staff / July 14, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal is no novice to the industry. He's currently just released his fourth album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People and like much of his…
SPIN Staff / June 29, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Planet Giza

The Canadian Hip-Hop trio known as Planet Giza have been quickly emerging into the spotlight with their chill-hop songs that are circulating on heavy rotation.
SPIN Staff / June 23, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Gilligan Moss

Dynamic duo Gilligan Moss aim to bring the sunshine wherever they go. The NYC based producers have  bloomed into the musical spotlight, emerging with their…
SPIN Staff / June 17, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Popeska

Popeska believes in the pursuit towards true individuality. Reveling in the wonders of simplicity, he aims to inspire others to overcome the misconception of deconstructing…
SPIN Staff / June 16, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: ASW

ASW is a radiant and unique symbol for resilience and redemption. He's undefinable and in constant evolution, never losing sight of his purpose. Surfing the…
SPIN Staff / June 11, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: LP Giobbi

A symbol and advocate for gender equality, female empowerment, non-conformity, love, and perseverance, LP Giobbi has been taking the electronic world by storm with her…
SPIN Staff / June 2, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Myd

Myd's career has become more than a quest for musical fame or technical perfectionism. With a sharp focus on creative integrity and a liberated mindset,…
SPIN Staff / April 30, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: bad tuner

There are many ways to describe bad tuner - imaginative, groove driven, creatively conscious. This Brooklyn based DJ has spent his career building, exploring, and…
SPIN Staff / April 28, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Motez

An emotionally conscious artist, Motez stands for authenticity. Always paying attention to the details, Motez's music radiates his drive for honest expression by carefully piecing…
SPIN Staff / April 16, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Mikey Lion

Passion is an understatement for what Mikey Lion channels through his music. Mikey Lion is on a constant path toward finding enlightenment through music and…
SPIN Staff / April 12, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Blood Cultures

Blood Cultures is here not only to demolish social/systemic constructs, but to explore identity and empower free-thinking. Through an enigmatic alias, BC has reveled in…
SPIN Staff / March 29, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Nicky Night Time

An open-hearted and explosively colorful artist, Nicky Night Time has garnered attention for his knack in creating worldwide acclaimed electronic anthems. His path led him…
SPIN Staff / March 10, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Brandon Lucas

The most ambitious he's ever been, Brandon Lucas is on a lifelong mission to generate and spread love, awareness, and transcendence throughout the electronic sub-sphere…
SPIN Staff / February 26, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge is a visionary artist/producer and traveling pioneer. With an effervescent attitude and an ever evolving passion to innovate, he aims to keep exploring…
SPIN Staff / February 16, 2021
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