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Told Slant: A Busy Drummer Making Heartrending Indie Rock

Felix Walworth performs herculean feats of limb-flailing and time management as a drummer in four Brooklyn-based indie-pop bands. They (Walworth uses gender-neutral pronouns) are an essential…
Colin Joyce / April 12, 2016

Jacquees: The Cash Money Singer Bringing Back Feel-Good R&B

Birdman, rapper and co-founder of Cash Money records, remembers one thing about his first encounter with the young R&B singer Jacquees: "I just felt like…
Elias Leight / March 28, 2016

Junglepussy: The Rapper Sliding Into Your DMs

No, Junglepussy's father wasn't aware of his 24-year-old daughter's alter ego, which is brazen even for rap. In late 2013, the East New York native…
Dan Weiss / March 17, 2016

MMOTHS: A Self-Proclaimed ‘Freak’ Finds the Light — And the Dark

Jack Colleran, a.k.a. MMOTHS, refers to himself as a "freak" twice in our interview — and uses the word "weird" 19 times, according to a…
Harley Brown / March 4, 2016

Pinegrove: Getting By With a Little Help From Their Friends

When we meet at a Midtown coffee shop for our interview, Pinegrove's Evan Stephens Hall and I are wearing almost exactly the same outfit: jeans topped with flaming-orange sweaters.
Rachel Brodsky / February 18, 2016

Porches: A Synth-Obsessed Songwriter Learns to Be Alone (But Not Lonely)

On "Be Apart," a morose synth-bit confessional from Porches' crepuscular new LP, Pool, it sounds like Aaron Maine is having a hard time making up his…
Harley Brown / February 5, 2016

iSHi: The Classically Trained Producer Bridging EDM and Hip-Hop

In May of last year, Swedish beat collagist iSHi released a short black-and-white film with his mixtape Spring Pieces. The 13-minute clip’s surreal vignettes burst…
Harley Brown / January 20, 2016

Hinds: The Crimson and Clover Girl Gang

Whether seeing Hinds live, or listening to their debut album, Leave Me Alone (out January 8 on Mom + Pop), one question always comes to mind:…
Andrew Unterberger / January 7, 2016

Long Beard: Assertive and Quietly Introspective Singer-Songwriter

In a dimly lit performance space at In the West — a recording studio and performing space nestled in a warehouse in New Brunswick, New…
Meilyn Huq / December 21, 2015

Lizzo: Larger-Than-Life Rapper, Singer, and Social Activist

On Thanksgiving, Lizzo's stomach hurt, but it wasn't because of the one-two gut punch of stuffing and mashed potatoes, like the rest of the country.
Harley Brown / December 9, 2015

Lion Babe: Anti-Pop Stars Shooting for Neo-Soul Success

Jillian Hervey's lush, golden curls hit the stage before she does. As half of the New York soul-clap duo Lion Babe alongside producer Lucas Goodman…
Brennan Carley / November 25, 2015

Jonas Rathsman: The Folk-Dancing Fashion Designer Turned House Sensation

In September, Jonas Rathsman had what anyone else might call a "you know you've made it when" moment at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. After heading…
Harley Brown / November 4, 2015

Eartheater: The Former ‘Barefoot Freak’ Making Time-Traveling Folk Music

At the entryway of Alexandra Drewchin's apartment building in Ridgewood, Queens, an art installation is starting to stink. A latticework of bricks made out of…
Colin Joyce / October 21, 2015

Shopping: Political Post-Punk With a Smile

U.K. post-punk trio Shopping are an unexpectedly silly bunch. "We're all pinching each other right now, you can't see, just beneath camera level," says drummer Andrew…
Rachel Brodsky / October 7, 2015

Bob Moses: One Name, Two Emo-Tronic Spiritual Bros

In 2013, Tom Howie had some very bad — but also very good — luck. The Vancouver-born musician, who with countryman and band mate Jimmy…
Harley Brown / September 24, 2015
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