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Celebrity Sunglasses: Stylish DJs Who Rock Their Eyewear Choices

What’s the most stylish profession? What’s the coolest occupation an individual could realistically be employed in? It’s likely that having the job title ‘DJ to the Stars’ would be among the most sought after.  

When it comes to the cream of the crop many of the world’s most renowned DJs happen to also rock their eyewear choices, whether it’s with some eye-catching low bridge glasses or some striking designer frames, here’s a closer look at those who do just that.

These five well-known DJs don’t just have DJing connections they are all very well-known for their eyewear choices.

Calvin Harris
This Scottish DJ has been absolutely immense in the scene for a decade plus and has been wowing us on the decks from 2006 onwards and has had massive mainstream success with a number of his remixes.

His successes include a massive eight number one singles in the UK and his 2014 album Motion broke the Billboard top ten in 2014. His most recognizable tune would almost certainly come in the form of his collaboration with Rihanna, This is What You Came For.

Harris is well known for his bling out glasses and interestingly his record label, Fly Eye, were named after his sunglasses.

Definitely one of the most adaptable DJs of recent years and seemingly with an undefinable style, it’s fair to say that Skrillex is everyone’s most versatile DJ. The Californian DJ has a penchant for great glasses and always looks effortlessly cool behind his turntables.

Skrillex is an eight-time Grammy winner and among his most well-known tracks is Where Are U Now which he collaborated on with Diplo, a track that made it to Spin’s top 15 tracks of the year back in 2015.

Long before his Play album made its way to every home in the world, Moby (named after the eponymous whale in Hermann Melville’s classic Moby Dick) was a revered DJ and is considered by many as the godfather of EDM.

Play, which took almost two years to record, was released in 1999 and went on to sell an incredible 12 million copies, came after Moby had hit personal troubles trying to break into the mainstream after years of successfully touring the techno scene.

Moby’s eyeglasses are perhaps as well-known as his multi-million selling albums, with his stylishly simple eyewear choices helping to create his very minimalist on stage look. He may no longer be a party animal, this vegan even has his own brand of tea, but there’s no doubting his importance in the world of electronic music.

Carl Cox
If you stopped random passersby and asked to name a famous DJ who rocks his eyewear choices, it’s likely that Carl Cox would be the name most commonly relayed. Now in his late 50s, Cox is a name that conjures memories of decades past.

Cox first broke onto the scene in Ibiza in the late 1980s, he hosted a residency Space from 2001 to 2016, and is still playing to packed out crowds despite edging closer to his pension.

Regardless of his age, his credentials are undisputed and there’s still plenty this English DJ legend has to offer fans.

David Guetta
Another legendary DJ who’s past 50 but still making a noise on the scene, Guetta isn’t seen often out in public without a stylish pair of sunglasses and boy does he rock the look.

This Parisian has been a fixture on the scene ever since he started in his teens, with his first release coming in 1990 when he collaborated with French rapper Sidney. Guetta is now a worldwide phenomenon and perhaps the most famous figure in the industry today.

Guetta has enjoyed chart success in his native France as well as big hits in the US and UK with his collaborations with Flo Rida, Kelly Rowland, Sia, Justin Bieber, Nicky Minaj, Usher and Snoop Dogg perhaps being his most well-known.

DJ Snake
We follow one French DJ with another, DJ Snake is very much a contemporary of Guetta and is a busy DJ and record producer who has been working with some of the biggest names in the music business.

His work with Major Lazer in 2016 earned him a Billboard award and in the same year his Let Me Love You collaboration with Justin Bieber topped the charts in no less than 13 countries and was a multi-million seller.

Interestingly though DJ Snake is rarely seen without a pair of super cool shades, he has admitted he wears these not just for style reasons but also to help him retain his anonymity, such is his notoriety around the world.

So, this elite list of DJs, all of whom have enjoyed popularity in all corners of the globe, are not only attuned to the needs of their baying public, they also know how to stand out from the crowd with their eyewear selections. These guys are very much trendsetters in both camps.