SPIN's Year in Music 2012

The Year In Taylor Swift

For Taylor Swift, the past 12 months have been the moment when the always crossover-hungry country singer finally and unabashedly embraced pop. She also issued…
Marc Hogan / December 28, 2012

SPIN’s 2012 Hall of Shame

They made disappinting, often horrific art. They issued tone-deaf statements. They tattooed images of their battered ex-girlfriends on their necks. A look back at the…
Daniel Kreps / December 27, 2012

The Year in Lana Del Rey

From the outset, 2012 offered few figures as divisive as Lana Del Rey. Some saw her as a desperate, pre-fab "indie" marketing creation. Others were…
Nicole Sia / December 26, 2012

Grim Weepers: The Year Film Embraced the Dark Night

Decisions, decisions: A filmgoer had to make a lot of on-the-fly calls when they saddled up to the multiplex window and plopped down their stack…
David Fear / December 21, 2012

SPIN’s 10 Best Music Books of 2012

James Brown's life was as deep and mythic as his celebrated groove. In the magisterial, rollicking biography The One: The Life and Music of James…
Kenny Herzog / December 19, 2012

State of Dance Music 2012: Have We Already Peaked?

I don't want to alarm anyone, but it looks like we may have reached peak dubstep.That might be news to Muse, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, Chris…
Philip Sherburne / December 18, 2012

SPIN’s 20 Best Dance Albums of 2012

Last season's post-dubstep murmurs and moombahton grooves have ceded the spotlight to the class of 2012. This year's best dance albums move with the frenetic…
SPIN Staff / December 17, 2012

Down By Law: The Year Downloading Took a Dive

In the early dawn hours of January 20, 2012, in a small village on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand, heavily armed police (with help…
David Peisner / December 14, 2012

SPIN’s 40 Best Songs of 2012

Do you remember when you first heard "Gangnam Style" and the small child next to you looked up and went, "Really, man? Are you kidding…
SPIN Staff / December 10, 2012

The 25 Most Outrageous, Memorable, and Obnoxious Quotes of 2012

Egotistical rants! Epically long open letters! Dancing penises! SPIN looks back at the one-liners (and in some cases, mouthfuls) that defined the past 12 months.
SPIN Staff / December 7, 2012