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Best Casino Songs of All-Time

Gambling in casinos has been a widespread activity since the 1970s. But, the current casinos mainly offer their services online. Punters prefer an online casino like JackpotCity Casino, which provides a wide range of games and unmatched bonuses and promotions. Besides, other entertainment sectors also play an essential role in making the industry grow. 

One of the industries that complement the casino well is the music industry. Nothing beats the feeling of placing wagers while listening to a fantastic casino song. In this post, you will find a review of the best casino songs of all time. The songs are from both new and established artists. 

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

The Gambler, produced by Kenny Rogers, is a top soundtrack across the casino industry. Since Kenny released this song in the 70s, it has remained among the top casino-themed songs. 

According to industry commentators, this song became very famous among gamblers because of its lyrics. Professional gamblers from Canada suggested that the song’s lyrics are motivational, especially how it depicts gambling. 

Aces Of Spades – Motorhead

Heavy metal band Motorhead released this hit song, Aces of Spades, in 1980. This track was one of those that increased the fame of the band worldwide. It was a famous track in casinos in Canada and other parts of the world. It didn’t take long after its release to feature in top casino song playlists. 

The Dealer – Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks released the hit song The Dealer in 2014. The song has a lot that relates to casino gambling, making it a top song amongst casinos worldwide. The song was written in 1979 but was not released immediately. It was also Stevie’s first solo track.The song was full of information on gambling of cards. He even emulated the gambling environment in the song’s video. He is seen holding cards and singing alone.

The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen

The Canadian singer Leonard Cohen released this song in 1967. The song’s outstanding lyrics got the attention of top-rated casinos in Canada. Besides, the lyrics of the song talk a lot about gambling and the behavior of gamblers. Even though it was not the only song that Cohen released that talked about gambling, it stood out.

Black Queen – Stephen Stills

Stephen Hills is arguably the most underrated guitarist of his generation. He released Black Queen in his self-titled debut solo album. This song is perhaps one of the greatest hits he ever released. In the song’s opening line, he says that “This is a song about a card game.” With that opening, Stephen makes the basis of the song not really open to interpretation. The song became a hit among gamblers all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Many songs are favorites among punters in casinos, both online and land-based. Although the songs are many, the ones that made it to the countdown above stand out from the rest. So, which one is your best casino song of all time? Did it make it to the list above? Enjoy your favorite gambling song as you gamble responsibly.