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‘It Needs to Sound Like a Warm Bath’: Saint Maud Composer on Scoring the Year’s Most Unsettling Horror Movie

A year of pandemic has stolen countless experiences from us—and one of them was seeing Saint Maud, the year’s most quietly unsettling horror film, on…
Zach Schonfeld / March 24, 2021

Shamir on New Coming-of-Age Album, Why His Youth Was ‘Cursed’

Five years ago, it might have seemed easy to predict what Shamir’s career would look like in 2020. You might have assumed the mononymous, Las…
Zach Schonfeld / November 12, 2020

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Is a Surrealist FM Broadcast for the Alt-Pop Age

For more than 50 years, electronic music has unofficially signified the future. It was an Italian futurist, Luigi Russolo, who first conceived of…
Zach Schonfeld / October 29, 2020

‘What Does the Memory of Music Sound Like?’: An Interview with the I’m Thinking of Ending Things Music Composer

Like most of Charlie Kaufman’s films, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, the surrealist new feature from the enigmatic director (Synecdoche, New York) and screenwriter (Being…
Zach Schonfeld / September 11, 2020

A Brief Guide to the Endless Hip-Hop Samples of Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone, the celebrated Italian film composer who died on Monday at the age of 91, could elevate any film…
Zach Schonfeld / July 8, 2020