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Offset Is Finally Comfortable

The 29-year-old, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, is laying, damn near flat, in the passenger’s seat of a car that’s probably worth more than twice my…
Trey Alston / May 27, 2021

Cameo Is the New Meet-and-Greet for Musicians and Fans

One of 3OH!3's fans met his wife at one of the duo’s concerts. Years later, he proposed to her while their favorite song from their…
Trey Alston / February 22, 2021

Lil Wayne: How Did It Come to This?

On Jan. 6, 2021, a sea of confederate banners, Make America Great Again hats, and flags embossed with the TRUMP 2020 logo punched through the…
Trey Alston / January 28, 2021

Sabrina Claudio’s New Holiday Album LP Is a Jazzy Gift

This Christmas, you’ll get to sit around a socially-distanced household and take in the smoothest, sexiest, and most soulful holiday songs you’ve ever heard thanks…
Trey Alston / November 29, 2020

Travis Scott Is the Brand to Collaborate With in 2020

In a year that has stilted the release of massive albums and halted the live music industry, Travis Scott is one of the few musicians…
Trey Alston / October 29, 2020