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Review: Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition Is A Thrilling, Harrowing Ride

Danny Brown is a man in limbo who is struggling to find balance. In song he’s autobiographical, often flipping between zonked out and deadly serious,…
Sheldon Pearce / September 30, 2016

Review: Ka Is Calm Like a Bomb on ‘Honor Killed the Samurai’

Brownsville rapper Ka’s voice commands close listening. It’s somewhere between a wheeze and a snarl, dead-eyed and cold — dragging with it a street-weary stoicism.
Sheldon Pearce / August 17, 2016

Review: A$AP Ferg Loses His Way Attempting to ‘Always Strive and Prosper’

A$AP Ferg was always on pace to, at best, be A$AP Mob’s Scottie Pippen — a versatile complement to A$AP Rocky, its trendsetting (and trend-borrowing)…
Sheldon Pearce / April 29, 2016

Review: Wiz Khalifa Substantiates Kanye’s Claims and Little Else on ‘Khalifa’

During a Twitter tirade in defense of Kim Kardashian — fallout from a misinterpreted tweet from Wiz Khalifa — Kanye West chucked a molotov cocktail…
Sheldon Pearce / February 11, 2016

Review: Anderson .Paak More Than Makes Up for Lost Time on ‘Malibu’

Time has always been of the essence for Brandon Paak Anderson, now just Anderson .Paak, a singer-rapper from Oxnard, California who learned to make the…
Sheldon Pearce / January 15, 2016

Review: GoldLink Explains It All on ‘And After That, We Didn’t Talk’

GoldLink is probably one of the more charismatic genre-benders in rap right now, a danceable force with a chameleonic, often explosive flow that helped cover…
Sheldon Pearce / November 11, 2015

Review: The Game Drags All of 2015 Rap Down With Him on ‘The Documentary 2′

The Game’s stock has been steadily plummeting since he released his highly-acclaimed debut, The Documentary, in 2005 with heavy backing from the biggest rap star…
Sheldon Pearce / October 16, 2015

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