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P.O.D., ‘Payable On Death’ (Atlantic)

On their triple-platinum 2001 breakthrough, Satellite, P.O.D. cushioned hard rock's post-9/11 bummer with a healthy dose of what their heroes Bad Brains called Positive Mental…
Sean Richardson / November 18, 2003

The Bronx, ‘The Bronx’ (White Drugs/Ferret)

The Bronx aren't from New York, and even though their debut full-length is distributed by metal-core label Ferret, they're not the next Ozzfest buzz band,…
Sean Richardson / October 2, 2003

Alien Ant Farm, ‘TruANT’ (El Tondi/Dreamworks)

Two years ago, Papa Roach protegés Alien Ant Farm proved nü metal could be funny on purpose with their frisky cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth…
Sean Richardson / August 6, 2003

Metallica, ‘St. Anger’ (Elektra)

It's been a tumultuous three years since the last new Metallica song--the Mission: Impossible 2 hit "I Disappear." The metal pioneers have (1) pissed off…
Sean Richardson / June 19, 2003

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