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Pantha du Prince Reboots His Experimental Techno With the Triad

Is Pantha du Prince's Hendrik Weber unpredictable? Count on it. How do you peg a mercurial German producer who's been content to spend the last…
Scott Mcdonald / May 12, 2014

Delta Spirit Kick Off U.S. Tour in San Diego

Even though Tuesday night marked the start of their 37-date U.S. tour and the release of new album History From Below, Delta Spirit took the…
Scott Mcdonald / June 9, 2010

Switchfoot Open U.S. Tour With Hometown Gig

So much for taking the easy road.
Scott Mcdonald / November 9, 2009

Puscifer’s Tricks Are a Treat in San Diego

Maynard James Keenan -- the freak-show ringmaster of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer -- perpetually promises to design spectacles that go well beyond what…
Scott Mcdonald / November 2, 2009

Incubus Kick Off U.S. Tour

It was apparent early on that Incubus' tour-opener in San Diego Thursday night wasn't going to include a whole lot of messing around. The band…
Scott Mcdonald / July 10, 2009

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