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Madonna: The 1985 ‘Like a Virgin’ Cover Story

[This bulleted interview was originally published in the May 1985 issue of SPIN, which hit newsstands on March 19, 1985.]…
Scott Cohen / November 12, 2014

Crude Stories: Meet the Beastie Boys

Chinatown. Six a.m. on a cool spring morning. Below a sweatshop slept the Beastie Boys in their rat-infested, stinky-ass world headquarters. Life was grand for…
Scott Cohen / March 1, 1987

Beastie Boys… Are the Bigfoot of Rap

Bigfoot is a pickup truck with monster 10-foot wheels that crushes cars by driving over them. Beastie Boys play monster 10-foot drums, or so it…
Scott Cohen / May 4, 1985

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