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Ramona Falls, ‘Intuit’ (Barsuk)

Brent Knopf sounds very lonely on his first album as Ramona Falls. He could be homesick for Menomena, his day-job Portland, Oregon trio, but more…
Sarah Dupuis / August 14, 2009

Sholi, ‘Sholi’ (Quarterstick/Touch and Go)

This California trio's debut album spools out experimental escapades with multiple sections that range all the way from the abrasive minimalism of Shellac (minus the…
Sarah Dupuis / March 22, 2009


What? Originally slated for a June release under the title Invincible Summer, Common's eighth studio album, renamed Universal Mind Control, drops today, six months late…
Sarah Dupuis / December 9, 2008


Who? For more than 20 years, Eddie Spaghetti, the Supersuckers' ass-kickin', name-takin', bass-pluckin' frontman, has produced the kind of blue chip rock'n'roll that makes dive…
Sarah Dupuis / November 26, 2008

Alaska in Winter

What? Not only is Alaska in Winter more deserving of the title "maverick" than its eponymous state's governor, the electronic project is also far more…
Sarah Dupuis / November 19, 2008

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