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Caitlin Rose, ‘The Stand-In’ (ATO)

It's not even 30 seconds into The Stand-In when Nashville singer Caitlin Rose registers a complaint that resounds through every corner of her radiant sophomore…
Nate Cavalieri / March 7, 2013

Gary Clark Jr., ‘Blak and Blu’

Make no mistake: Gary Clark Jr.'s major-label debut aims to introduce the Austin-based blues luminary to the widest possible audience. But which Gary Clark Jr.
Nate Cavalieri / November 20, 2012

Band of Horses, ‘Mirage Rock’ (Columbia)

The charm in Band of Horses' early records was derived from an unapologetic naiveté. They were a bunch of twentysomethings healing the wounds from the…
Nate Cavalieri / September 21, 2012

Norah Jones, ‘…Little Broken Hearts’ (Blue Note/EMI)

The lesson to glean from ...Little Broken Hearts — what may well endure as the second essential record of Norah Jones' career — is that…
Nate Cavalieri / April 24, 2012

Shelby Lynne, ‘Revelation Road’ (Everso/Fontana)

What to do with Shelby Lynne? With her sunset alto, bullish career independence, and soulful country songs, Lynne sometimes seems like a roguish loner from…
Nate Cavalieri / October 18, 2011

Tori Amos, ‘Night of Hunters’ (Deutsche Grammophon)

Here's the deal: A shape-shifting fox, Anabelle, guides our protagonist, Tori, on a time-traveling song cycle through a forest of glass, the Nine Underworlds, and…
Nate Cavalieri / September 21, 2011

The Jayhawks, ‘Mockingbird Time’ (Rounder)

The Jayhawks' best ?moments depend on their two songwriters' bipolarity -- when Gary Louris' sunny, '70s-pop sheen gets scuffed up by Mark Olson's disheveled folk…
Nate Cavalieri / September 20, 2011

Nick Lowe, ‘The Old Magic’ (Yep Roc)

It's gratifying to see Nick Lowe, a critical darling who stood gawkily in the margins of '80s pop trends, striding effortlessly through his inimitable late…
Nate Cavalieri / September 13, 2011

Jeff Bridges, ‘Jeff Bridges’ (Blue Note/EMI)

It's wholly understandable that most people would dismiss Jeff Bridges as an actor on a misguided vanity trip (lookin' at you, Paltrow), writing a clutch…
Nate Cavalieri / August 16, 2011

Speck Mountain

Who? Marie-Claire Balabanian's dreamy, downhearted vocals echo over tape delay and shimmering sonics from guitarist Karl Briedrick, pianist Kate Walsh, and percussionist Ben Borowiak. Their…
Nate Cavalieri / October 16, 2007

Marilyn Manson and Slayer Slaughter the West Coast

Compared to what would come -- showers of heart-shaped confetti and elaborate costuming, dismembered robots and sex-drenched androgyny -- Slayer seemed downright stoic as they…
Nate Cavalieri / August 22, 2007

Bands to Watch: The Hiss

Who: Guitar-roaring crew of Atlanta rock zealots founded in2001 by singer/guitarist Adrian Barrera and drummer Todd Galpin,who met at the University of Florida in the…
Nate Cavalieri / May 17, 2004

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