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Beck’s Subterranean Homeboy Blues

This is Beck. He's not a slacker, an angst-ridden mouthpiece, or a loser, baby. He's a cosmic naïf with one foot on the zeitgeist wahwah…
Mike Rubin / July 8, 2014

Liars Break Down the Electronic Influences That Shaped ‘WIXIW’

On their sixth album, WIXIW (pronounced "Wish You"), Liars have dispatched the dissonant guitars and jarring rhythms in favor of rich tapestries of burbling analog…
Mike Rubin / June 15, 2012

‘Better Than Something’ Directors on Working Alongside the Late Jay Reatard

When filmmakers Alexandria Hammond and Ian Markiewicz, directors of the recent Better Than Something, first met its subject, Memphis punk rock musician Jay Reatard, they…
Mike Rubin / March 14, 2012

So Happy Together: Dave Grohl Finds Nirvana in the Foo Fighters

When Dave Grohl air-drums, you can still hear a sound. This isn't the answer to the old tree/forest riddle, nor confirmation of the more recent…
Mike Rubin / July 1, 1997