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Slayer and Rob Zombie Launch ‘Hell on Earth’ Tour

With temperatures threatening to kiss triple digits in muggy downtown Reading, PA, Wednesday night, it felt more Hades-like outside the Sovereign Center than inside, where…
Michael Goldberg / July 21, 2011

Green Day Kick Off Epic Tour Near Philly

If you hopped inside a flux-capacitor-equipped DeLorean, traveled back in time to Berkeley's crusty 924 Gilman Street club circa 1989, and told someone in the…
Michael Goldberg / August 4, 2010

Thursday Open U.S. Tour in a Sweatbox

"I have a rule about not playing in shorts," Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly said prior to the New Jersey post-hardcore sextet's U.S. tour opener at…
Michael Goldberg / September 19, 2009