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Review: Bjork Breaks Our Hearts Anew on ‘Vulnicura’

We long ago decided to just let Björk be Björk. This woman has already given us "Hyperballad," and the video for "It's Oh So Quiet"
Michael Tedder / January 26, 2015

PS I Love You Shred Mightily on ‘For Those Who Stay’

Being a guitar hero in 2014 seems only slightly less quaint than being a cheese maker, and at least people still actually pay for cheese.
Michael Tedder / July 18, 2014

Jack Antonoff Wants to Get Better on Bleachers’ Couch Trip, ‘Strange Desire’

If you are of a certain age — and, arguably, of a certain socio-economic demographic — it's possible you have a friend like Jack Antonoff.
Michael Tedder / July 14, 2014

Protomartyr Open a Can of Post-Punk, Whoop-Ass on ‘Under Color of Official Right’

Joe Casey may have a bit of an anger problem. On "I Stare At Floors," one of the standout songs from his band Protomartyr's second…
Michael Tedder / April 14, 2014

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out: EMA Screams Into the Void

"It's like high-school stoner shit." It's just past noon on a Friday in early February, and Erika M. Anderson is on the second…
Michael Tedder / April 10, 2014

Reigning Men: Brooklyn’s Busiest, Most Restless Band Offers ‘Tomorrow’s Hits’ Today

The Men are Brooklyn's hardest-working punk band. They are also Brooklyn's hardest-working noise group, and Brooklyn's hardest-working Crazy Horse tribute act. If you find this…
Michael Tedder / March 7, 2014

Vivian Girls’ Last Hurrah: Photos, Obituary From Trio’s Final Show

What follows is our obit for beloved Brooklyn garage-rock band the Vivian Girls; above, please enjoy photos from their farewell gig this past Sunday night…
Michael Tedder / March 3, 2014

Fucked Up and DIIV Give Williamsburg DIY Spot 285 Kent an Epic Sendoff

We come tonight not to mourn 285 Kent, but to celebrate it... and to absorb the wisdom of Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham, and to…
Michael Tedder / January 20, 2014

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! on the Tortured Path to ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’

Halfway through a reliably galvanizing Against Me! set last week at Brooklyn's Williamsburg Hall of Music, singer-guitarist Laura Jane Grace noted that, as usually happens…
Michael Tedder / January 16, 2014