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Cellars Revives the Best Of the ’80s with Luminous ‘Nighttime Girl’

Since 2013, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Alle Norton has been making candy-colored pop as Cellars in the iridescent vein of Madonna and Neon Indian. Her re-imagination of the…
Meilyn Huq / December 22, 2015

Long Beard: Assertive and Quietly Introspective Singer-Songwriter

In a dimly lit performance space at In the West — a recording studio and performing space nestled in a warehouse in New Brunswick, New…
Meilyn Huq / December 21, 2015

Julia Brown Announce Physical Release of First and Only LP, Share Drifting ‘Snow Day’ Video

Primarily working under the name Ricky Eat Acid and leading the indie-punk outfit Teen Suicide, Maryland songwriter Sam Ray mostly put his guitar-pop project Julia Brown on hold…
Meilyn Huq / December 3, 2015

Bloc Party Moodily Break ‘The Good News’ on New Single

After going on hiatus back in 2013, indie rock vets Bloc Party will return with a new LP, HYMNS, early in 2016. After…
Meilyn Huq / December 1, 2015

Museyroom Creepily Crescendo on ‘Ballad’

Brooklyn and Philadelphia-based psych-pop trio Museyroom was born in a basement when Jack Donovan and Ben Cohen first started writing and recording songs in 2003.
Meilyn Huq / November 30, 2015

Eryn Allen Kane Takes Flight on ‘Aviary: Act I’

Chicago-based singer Eryn Allen Kane has always worked in quiet back-corners of the music world. After working with Prince for his protest song, "Baltimore" and collaborating…
Meilyn Huq / November 17, 2015

Good Morning Rise With Bleary-Eyed Single ‘Cab Deg’

Melbourne-born duo Good Morning has been spouting alternative pop tunes since Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons first met in a high school music class in…
Meilyn Huq / November 4, 2015

Ensemble Economique Hypnotizes on New Album ‘Blossoms In Red’

California-born artist Brian Pyle, the mastermind behind the project Ensemble Economique, describes his own music on his Facebook page "as if day and night are…
Meilyn Huq / October 28, 2015

Petal’s ‘Shame’ LP Is a Brisk Debut Perfect for Summer’s End

Scranton, Pennsylvania native Kiley Lotz has stuck by her project Petal since its inception in 2012, when she recorded her self-released Scout EP from a garage.
Meilyn Huq / October 20, 2015

Owen Pallett Played a Chilling Cover of the Carpenters’ Hit ‘Close To You’ at a CMJ House Show

Sunday night, Brooklyn-based boutique label Orchid Tapes held an intimate CMJ showcase where songwriter Owen Pallett, played material from his band Les Mouches, who just reissued…
Meilyn Huq / October 19, 2015

Wand Conjure a ‘Sleepy Dog’ in New Video

After the September release of their Drag City debut — and second album of 2015 — 1000 Days, South California stoner rockers in Wand offer…
Meilyn Huq / October 14, 2015

Lizzo Awakens With Booming New Single ‘Humanize’

After spending the top of 2015 opening for Sleater-Kinney's most recent U.S. tour, the Minneapolis-based hip-hop star Lizzo has announced her sophomore album, Big GRRL Small World. Due out on December…
Meilyn Huq / October 13, 2015

Stove Spits Up ‘Wet Food’ on New Single

After concluding his work with Northeast DIY institution Ovlov, Connecticut native Steve Harlett started a new solo project, Stove, and now he's preparing to release…
Meilyn Huq / October 7, 2015