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Our 2003 Strokes Cover Story: “The Rebirth of Cool”

They were edgy and rattled about what was happening to them. The fantasy came true. Real fame after handing out flyers and playing…
Marc Spitz / June 18, 2015

The Shadow of Death: SPIN’s 2005 Nine Inch Nails Cover Story

This story originally appeared as the cover story to the May 2005 issue of SPIN magazine. Read SPIN's September 2013 cover story, Trent Reznor's Upward Spiral.
Marc Spitz / August 22, 2013

Life to the Pixies

This feature originally appeared in the September 2004 issue of SPIN magazine. In Heaven and in the Pixies' dressing room at Paris' Parc…
Marc Spitz / June 16, 2013

Mr. Show: The Oral History

Fifteen years ago, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and a close-knit gang of frustrated young comics and struggling actors from Los Angeles' alternative stand-up scene found…
Marc Spitz / March 13, 2011

The Oral History of 2 Tone

There's a scene in Alex Cox's 1986 film Sid & Nancy that foreshadows the end for the star-crossed punk lovers: One of their cohorts shows…
Marc Spitz / September 28, 2009

John Hughes and the Soundtracks to Our Lives

John Hughes, who passed away on Thursday at age 59, graduated Glenbrook North High School in suburban Illinois in the spring of 1968.I graduated high…
Marc Spitz / August 7, 2009

The Inquisition: Tough Questions for Martin Gore

Dave Gahan may be the voice and snaky hips in front, but it's Martin Gore, with his choirboy vocals, perverse stage getups, and hyper-emotional songwriting,…
Marc Spitz / March 26, 2009

Band of the Year: The Killers

A cold wind is blowing across the Great South Bay and the kids have added a layer to their late-summer outfits. The Tommy Hilfiger at…
Marc Spitz / December 23, 2005

Prowling Las Vegas with the Killers

The Killers never received the Bono Talk, that rite-of-passage sit-down in which rock's king of sunglasses sincerity imparts his hard-won wisdom to young bands in…
Marc Spitz / January 24, 2005

Dancing Queen

She used to be just a girl. Now she's just "Gwen." Thanks to megahits with Eve and Moby, a hot clothing line (L.A.M.B.),…
Marc Spitz / December 16, 2004

Iced T in the Park

Imagineattending Ozzfest or Bonnaroo in the middle of November and you'llunderstand the difference between a Scottish summer rock festival andan American one. It was so…
Marc Spitz / September 7, 2004

Shorty-Short Shorts! Backstage Pass with Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon have made the most of their downtime while recordingtheir second album in L.A. When not out nightclubbing, the hirsutesouthern-rock quartet have been…
Marc Spitz / August 7, 2004

Sharp Dressed Manskap: The Hives

I. A Receipt of Universal Appeal "We're not very incognito." Howlin' Pelle Almqvist feels two-dozen eyes on him as he chews his muffin.
Marc Spitz / July 27, 2004

Intimate Portrait: Melissa Auf der Maur

As bass player for two of the biggest bands of the '90s, Melissa Auf der Maur softened Courtney Love's serrated edges in Hole, then provided…
Marc Spitz / May 20, 2004

These Things Take Time: Morrissey

This story originally ran in the May 2004 issue of SPIN. You don't expect Morrissey to walk into the lobby of the Beverly Hills…
Marc Spitz / April 26, 2004

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