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Cutting Classes

In the opulent dressing room of Milwaukee's Rave Ballroom, Rivers Cuomo is sitting on a tapestry-covered couch, looking uneasy. The series of connected rooms is…
Laura Sinagra / May 16, 2017

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, ‘House Arrest’ (Paw Tracks)

Remember in The Wall when no matter how high poor Pink got, he couldn't break free from the bricks, and the worms ate into his…
Laura Sinagra / February 21, 2006

Talib Kweli, ‘Right About Now…’ (Blacksmith/Koch)

Just before his second solo album came out in 2004 Talib Kweli got onstage at a tiny New York club and previewed a few jams.
Laura Sinagra / January 13, 2006

Atmosphere, ‘You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having’ (Rhymesayers)

Calling something "emo" is usually just a way of talking about guys who ain't too proud to beg or, y'know, cry. But there's a lot…
Laura Sinagra / November 15, 2005

Liz Phair, ‘Somebody’s Miracle’ (Capitol)

Liz Phair may never make another smart-sexy classic like Exile in Guyville. But two years ago, when the former indie vixen took a shot at…
Laura Sinagra / October 11, 2005

Peaches, ‘Fatherfucker’ (Kitty-Yo/XL Recordings/Beggars Group)

She's got the magic shtick. There may have been no real electroclash "movement," but there certainly was a Peaches--a thirtysomething, self-producing, omni-horny, androgynous Canadian breathing…
Laura Sinagra / October 16, 2003

Tori Amos, ‘Scarlet’s Walk’ (Epic)

Let's go, USA! Shortly after September 11, Tori Amos embarked on a cross-country tour. She came back with material for Scarlet's Walk, an impressionistic travelogue…
Laura Sinagra / July 23, 2003

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