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Review: Toby Keith Speeds Through the Middle of the Road on ’35 mph Town’

Toby Keith is America’s embarrassing brother-in-law, forever spouting jingoistic rhetoric learned at the knee of America’s racist uncle and outlaw-turned-right wing shill, Hank Williams Jr.
Kim Kelly / October 13, 2015

SPIN Metal Report: Spectral Wound’s Black Metal Sleeper Hit, Lluvia’s Poetic Simplicity

The warmer months of 2015 were a metalhead’s dream, whether their chosen poison lies festering underground or comes plastered across billboards and magazine covers. The…
Kim Kelly / October 2, 2015

Review: Kylesa Perfect Their Psychedelic Space-Metal on ‘Exhausting Fire’

My first exposure to Kylesa came secondhand. I kept seeing their blocky, rough-hewn logo plastered across Philly bike messengers’ sweaty chests, and became familiar with…
Kim Kelly / September 30, 2015

Review: Without Their Late Guitarist, Slayer Are Closer to Shameless Than ‘Repentless’

Given Slayer’s legendary status, a smidgen of deference was to be expected upon the arrival of Repentless, the 11th studio album from the thrash-metal icons.
Kim Kelly / September 14, 2015

SPIN Metal Report: The Body and Thou Team Up Viciously, Black Cilice Ooze to the Forefront

Last year was a strong one for metal — extreme and otherwise — but the world keeps turning, bands keep writing, and the rent is…
Kim Kelly / February 11, 2015

Hell? Yes! Midnight’s ‘No Mercy for Mayhem’ Is Majestically Satanic

Midnight is one of the best metal bands going, period. Whether you're a sucker for the classics, partial to dirty old punk rock, or hooked…
Kim Kelly / August 26, 2014

Death Metal Darklords Drowned Return With ‘Idola Specus’

The first few murky, ominous moments of "Die niederen Weihen" set the tone for the rest of this eight-song, 37-minute comeback-slash-debut full-length from German death…
Kim Kelly / July 25, 2014

Nashville’s Bleed the Pigs Grind Against the Grain

Kayla Philips has a lot on her mind. Last October, the Nashville transplant hit upon the perfect outlet when she and guitarist David Hobbs were…
Kim Kelly / June 17, 2014

Death Becomes Tombs on ‘Savage Gold,’ A Lean Grind of Dark Metal

In writing, as with all art forms, it's important to know when to kill your darlings, to abandon your beloved bon mots for the greater…
Kim Kelly / June 9, 2014

Supergroup Serpentine Path Drops Gale-Force Crusher ‘Emanations’

For anyone who's ever wondered what a super-group featuring members of Electric Wizard, Winter, Unearthly Trance, and Ramesses would sound like, Serpentine Path would be…
Kim Kelly / May 22, 2014

Agalloch’s Blackened Folk Metal Soothes the Soul on ‘The Serpent & the Sphere’

Agalloch are one of the best bands in modern metal. This isn't a question; it's a fact, one corroborated by a world-class discography that stretches…
Kim Kelly / May 14, 2014

Pilgrim Worship All That is Dark, Evil, Nerdy on ‘II: Void Worship’

Pilgrim's only been on the doom metal scene for four years, but their music already sounds ancient: the soundtrack to a crumbling heathen monolith. II:…
Kim Kelly / March 28, 2014

Polish Metal Gods Behemoth Come Back Haunted on Sinister, Thrilling Apex ‘The Satanist’

The return of Polish metal lifers Behemoth is nothing short of miraculous when you consider the hand they've been dealt: The Satanist is the band's…
Kim Kelly / February 6, 2014

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