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Muse, ‘The 2nd Law’ (Warner Bros.)

The platinum-clad lads in Muse never pass up a chance to wax philosophic. Just last month, drummer Dom Howard sat down with the BBC to…
Justin F. Farrar / December 11, 2012

Andy Stott, ‘Luxury Problems’ (Modern Love)

"Awful lot of Enya vocals on this new Stott album," is the one-line e-mail a friend blasted me last week after hearing Luxury Problems for…
Justin F. Farrar / November 9, 2012

Peaking Lights, ‘Lucifer’ (Mexican Summer/Weird World)

Over the past few years, the general thrust of the Los Angeles-based sister labels Not Not Fun and 100% Silk has produced all manner of…
Justin F. Farrar / June 18, 2012

Alabama Shakes, ‘Boys and Girls’ (ATO Records)

A peculiar intensity of anticipation hounds Boys & Girls. Usually, hot new artists from the retro/roots/garage scene first blow up when the young and cool…
Justin F. Farrar / April 9, 2012