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The Accidental, ‘There Were Wolves’ (Thrill Jockey)

The debut from this London quartet, founded by laptop folkies Sam Genders (Tunng) and Stephen Cracknell (the Memory Band), lulls you along with its sparsely…
Julia Simon / June 15, 2008

We Are Scientists, ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’ (Astralwerks)

The title of the second LP by this Brooklyn synth-rockduo (formerly a trio) loosely alludes to singer Keith Murray's newly discreet, mind-over- body m.o. On…
Julia Simon / May 15, 2008

Radar Bros., ‘Auditorium’ (Merge)

Radar Bros.' Jim Putnam was once a downcast drifter, but very little seems to be troubling the singer/guitarist on his Los Angeles–based band's fifth album.
Julia Simon / March 1, 2008

The Rumble Strips, ‘Alarm Clock EP’ (Kanine)

The Rumble Strips would sound exactly like other scrappy U.K. upstarts (the View, the Fratellis) if it weren't for their skank-inducing horn section; even a…
Julia Simon / January 18, 2008

The Dimes, ‘The Silent Generation’ (Pet Marmoset)

The hooky debut from this tuneful quartet is a moving meditation on hard times, delivered with a Death Cab for Cutie light touch. Each track,…
Julia Simon / January 18, 2008

Small Sins, ‘Mood Swings’ (Astralwerks)

On his 2006 debut as Small Sins, Thomas D'Arcy set his lovelorn laments to Moog-filled, Postal Service pop. Here, the Toronto native employs the same…
Julia Simon / November 21, 2007

Johnossi, ‘Johnossi’ (The Control Group)

When it comes to bluesy guitars-and-drums duos, there are generally two camps: the fuzzy fury of the White Stripes and Black Keys or the bar-stool-bound…
Julia Simon / November 15, 2007

The Most Serene Republic, ‘Population’ (Arts&Crafts)

This orchestral art-pop sextet from the Toronto suburbs up the triumphant racket on their second album, sounding as if labelmates Broken Social Scene recruited Polyphonic…
Julia Simon / November 8, 2007

The Photo Atlas, ‘No, Not Me, Never’ (Stolen Transmission/ Morning After)

These dance-punks exude At the Drive-In's blistering intensity, ¡Forward, Russia!'s wiry delivery, and Bloc Party's rhythmic pulse ("Cutback" could even serve as a comedown from…
Julia Simon / April 19, 2007

Annuals, ‘Be He Me’ (Ace Fu)

The debut album by this Raleigh, North Carolina collective sprawls with confidence, combining sunny layers of strings, classical piano, stomp-rock riffs, entrancing space noises, and…
Julia Simon / November 17, 2006

Calexico, ‘Garden Ruin’ (Quarter Stick)

That we don't live in Shangri-La should come at no surprise. Still, Calexico won't let you forget it. With Garden Ruin, this Tuscon-based twosome celebrate…
Julia Simon / May 5, 2006

Maritime, ‘We, the Vehicles’ (Flameshovel)

Maritime, stocked with two former Promise Ringers and the bassist from now-defunct Dismemberment Plan, are a testament to emo's longevity: for every two emo outfits…
Julia Simon / May 3, 2006

Border Crossing, ‘Ominous’ (Recall/Sound Recordings)

In the slow-jam niche where Mellow Gold meets Mezzanine, Border Crossing make steamy downtempo dance music for the international club community. The West London trio's…
Julia Simon / March 15, 2006

Vitalic, ‘OK Cowboy’ (Citizen)

Certainly Daft Punk have been playing at Vitalic's house, as have Les Rythmes Digitales, and the Prodigy. On Vitalic's debut, OK Cowboy, the French-born knob-twiddler…
Julia Simon / March 8, 2006

Various Artists, ‘NY2LON’ (Best Before)

The hype: NY2LON fancies itself a "movement" whose mission is to "introduce artists from the U.K. to the U.S. music fans and vice versa." The…
Julia Simon / December 7, 2005

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