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Human After All: Brassft Punk Rethink Daft Punk Hits With Rollicking New Orleans Brass

Brassft Punk is digital love turned analog, a project that reimagines Daft Punk's greatest hits as rollicking numbers for blatting New Orleans brass. The project…
Josh Stillman / May 14, 2013

Mount Kimbie Big Up the Chili Peppers, Afro-Psych, and Tokyo

In 2010, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos — known as Mount Kimbie — burst out of London as the progenitors of post-dubstep. (A label of…
Josh Stillman / May 3, 2013

Stream Purson’s Retro-Minded Beatles-Metal Brew ‘The Circle and the Blue Door’ LP

Retro-minded psych-metal carnival Purson are a British five-piece who explore the world of witches and Wurlitzers on their debut album, The Circle and the Blue…
Josh Stillman / April 24, 2013

Stream Melvins Covers Album ‘Everybody Loves Sausages’ With King Buzzo Commentary

The Melvins aren't exactly paragons of continuity. Over 30 years they've released 21-or-so albums and are constantly exploring the winding alleyways that go far beyond…
Josh Stillman / April 23, 2013

God’s Dictionary: A Chat With Soul Survivor Charles Bradley

Charles Bradley's story is the stuff of a pulp novel. Alone and homeless by the time he was 14, Bradley drifted from his native Gainesville,…
Josh Stillman / April 1, 2013

Phosphorescent Sheds Light on the Beautifully Dark ‘Muchacho’

Matthew Houck, known to fans as Phosphorescent, makes woozy folk rock propelled by his singular, beleaguered warble. But that's not to say he's another shapeless…
Josh Stillman / March 13, 2013